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About Army ROTC at Pima

Learn.  Lead.  Graduate.

The Reserve Officers Training Corps program provides leadership training to college students.   Army ROTC provides high-quality and capable officers for the U.S. Army.  ROTC staff members are educators, mentors and advisors. 

At Pima, you will focus on the first two years of Army ROTC, preparing to transfer to The University of Arizona or another university.  There you will complete your Bachelor's Degree and be commissioned as an officer.  You can take the elective Army ROTC Basic Course, the first half of a four-year program (MLS 100 & MLS 200). You don't have to commit to military service while taking the Basic Course.

Students who are just starting at Pima can complete the first two years of Army ROTC at Pima with no obligation or commitment.  Just register at Pima and attend classes at Pima or at the U of A.  When you are ready to transfer, your ROTC credits transfer too.

Students who are less than a year from transferring to a university can attend the 28-day Leader's Training Course (LTC) at Fort Knox, Kentucky the summer before they start at a university.  At LTC, students will learn the Basic Course material in a field training environment.   When you finish LTC you are ready to start your third year of Army ROTC at a supporting university.

The student will then move on to the advanced course (MSL III & MSL IV) at The University of Arizona or other supporting universities.  A student who takes the advanced course must commit to become an Army officer after graduation.  Upon the completion of the ROTC program and an academic discipline, the cadet will earn the bar of a Second Lieutenant.

Many Pima classes are conducted at The University of Arizona, with other Army ROTC students of the Wildcat Battalion.  You will work closely with UA cadets at labs and on field exercises (paintball, rappelling, obstacle courses, and more).