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Access Technology

Access Technology

Each campus has a wide variety of access (assistive) hardware and software. As a student, faculty, or staff member you may request training on any of this technology, through any campus ADR office. Pima's Access Technology resources include but are not limited to: 

Screen reader software

  • Speech output of text on screen
  • Audio navigation
  • Spoken menus

Voice recognition software

  • Speech-to-text for voice input
  • Voice control
  • Dictation to portable devices
  • Transcription of recorded messages

Scan and read text-to-speech software

  • Read aloud features for text documents or web
  • Audio file creation features
  • Scanners for printed materials
  • Read aloud via synthesized speech
  • Customizable background colors and masking of text
  • Thesaurus and dictionary lookups

Screen modification/magnification software

  • Magnification of screen contents
  • Spoken menus and text-to-speech
  • Cursor and color customization

Other devices/software

  • CCTV (magnification devices)
  • Captioning software
  • FM equipment
  • Refreshable Braille output device
  • Braille translation software
  • Tactile graphics
  • Screen sharing
  • Smart pens
  • Audio recorders


Contact an ADR office if you have questions regarding the specific equipment and software available.