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Grade-Related Complaints

First review the Student Complaint Processes homepage for an overview of PCC's complaint processes.

A grade complaint should not be initiated unless a mistake, fraud or bad faith by the instructor can be proven; the burden of proof for the existence of mistake, fraud or bad faith on the part of the instructor is the responsibility of the student.

A. Initial Complaint

  • A student who disagrees with the grading procedures and/or grading criteria shall first try to resolve the concern through a discussion with the instructor. If the student is not able to contact the instructor, the initial complaint may begin with the department chairperson or academic dean.
  • A student with a grade concern shall contact the instructor as soon as possible after the grade has been officially recorded and not later than sixty (60) College working days after the course has been completed. Grades are recorded at the conclusion of any term or semester of enrollment. A student may view his or her grades on the Academics tab of MyPima in the Final Grades section.

B. Written Complaint

  • If the student is unable to reach agreement with the instructor and wishes to pursue the complaint further, the student shall submit a written complaint to the academic dean or the area supervising administrator of the instructor. A written complaint about grading procedures and/or grading criteria:
    • must be submitted within ten (10) working days from the date of the initial resolution with the instructor, department chairperson or academic dean as described above in the Initial Discussion; and,
    • is a request for a meeting to resolve the concern. It includes a detailed description of the grade complaint and appropriate documentation.
  • The academic dean or supervising administrator will schedule an investigation within ten (10) working days of receipt of the written complaint form and relevant documentation supplied by the student.
  • The investigation will include the student, the instructor and the academic dean or supervising administrator. The instructor and the student may have an on-campus non-attorney representative at the meeting.
  • If the issue cannot be resolved, the supervising administrator will be responsible for deciding if the grade complaint is valid and what appropriate action will be taken. The supervising administrator will then have five (5) College working days to inform the student, the instructor, and the Vice President of Instruction or Campus President.
  • If there is no appeal by the student or instructor, the action proposed by the supervising administrator will be completed.

C. Appeal

  • If the student or instructor does not agree with the decision or proposed action by the area supervising administrator, either party may submit a written appeal to the next supervising administrator, which is the Vice President of Instruction or the Campus President within five (5) College working days.
  • The Vice President of Instruction or the Campus President will review the written appeal and documentation submitted by the student or instructor, including the documentation provided by the supervising administrator. The appropriate administrator will have five (5) College working days after the receipt of the written appeal to inform all parties, in writing, of the final decision.
  • The appealed complaint decision is not subject to further appeal.