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Faculty-Related Complaints

First review the Student Complaint Processes homepage for an overview of PCC's complaint processes.

A. Initial Complaint

  • The student should discuss the complaint with the faculty member, or the faculty member's supervisor.
  • Students are advised that a concern or complaint will be most effectively addressed if the concern or complaint is brought forward within sixty (60) College working days of the alleged incident.
  • When discussing concerns or complaints with an instructor it is most effective to arrange a time when the instructor is available for a confidential conversation. It is important to note that breaks in a faculty member's instructional service time may affect the resolution timeline (i.e., Winter Recess, Spring Break, and Summer Break).
  • If the student does not agree with the initial discussion and suggested resolution, the student may file a written complaint against the faculty member. Any complaint must refer to actions of the Faculty member within the scope of his/her employment. A grade change request based strictly upon academic considerations shall not be considered a complaint against a Faculty member.

B. Written Complaint

  • A student may file a written complaint against a faculty member. The written complaint must be filed within ten (10) College working days from the date of the initial resolution to the faculty member's Supervising Administrator.
  • The area supervisor will have fifteen (15) College working days to investigate and respond to the student’s written complaint.
  • The investigation shall include the Supervising Administrator, the faculty member, the student and/or any other person who has first-hand knowledge of the subject matter of the complaint. During the Supervising Administrator’s investigation, he/she shall meet separately with the different parties who may, if they desire, have a non-attorney representative with them, unless the faculty member is not available due to semester break and vacations. In those situations, the fifteen (15) College working days allowed for resolution will start and stop based on faculty contracts.
  • The Supervising Administrator may address the complaint in one of the following ways:
    • Offer a resolution to the complaint.
    • Dismiss the complaint.
    • Take appropriate action which may include training, counseling or corrective action with one or more parties to the complaint.

C. Appeal

  • The student may appeal to the immediate superior of the Supervising Administrator, either the Vice President of Instruction or the Campus President within five (5) College working days.
  • The Vice President of Instruction or the Campus President will review appeal documentation submitted by the student and the documentation produced by the Supervising Administrator’s investigation and communicate an appeal decision within five (5) College working days of receipt of the student's appeal. The appeal decision is sent to the Supervising Administrator and student.
  • The appealed complaint decision is not subject to further appeals.