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MyCareerPath is a tool to guide you toward the jobs and work environments that most interest you. Using MyCareerPath, Pima counselors help you identify, select and prepare for a program of study to pursue a career through a five-step process:

Step 1: Career Self Assessment
Step 2: Career Exploration
Step 3: Pima Resources
Step 4: University Transfer
Step 5: Job-Seeking Skills

MyCareerPath can help you:

  • understand your personal interests, abilities, values and skills;
  • understand various occupations and current job market trends;
  • better understand yourself and the world of work so that you can make more meaningful career choices;
  • declare your major and identify the program and courses you'll take;
  • explore and develop the skills and tools you'll need to transition from college to career

Pima has resources available to assist you through the MyCareerPath process. Pima counselors can help you determine your career and program of study, and help you figure out how to navigate through Pima and a college or university to get the appropriate degree for your career choice.

See a counselor at any campus Student Services Center to begin MyCareerPath. Counselors can help you identify life goals, a major and a career. Appointments are strongly recommended. Drop in or make an appointment.

Pima also offers credit Student Success classes and noncredit Student Success workshops that compliment each step of the process.