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Intern experience in your chosen career is valuable for future job prospects and furthering your education. Pima can help you find an internship that's right for you.

Internships Explained

An internship is a work experience that is

  • typically a semester or less in duration.
  • directly related to school or career knowledge that you've already learned in the classroom.
  • either paid or unpaid.
  • guided by a site supervisor (employer) and faculty member.
  • an academic course that you complete for academic credit.

An internship allows you to:

  • practice the knowledge you have learned in the classroom.
  • gain knowledge and experience in your chosen field.
  • network with professionals.
  • build work experience for your resume.
  • develop professional skills and competencies.
  • obtain college credit.

Getting an Internship

STEP 1: Review Information About Internships

Internship FAQs

Responsibilities for Students, Employers and Faculty

STEP 2: Talk to Faculty

Verify with a faculty member for your degree program that an Internship course is offered by the department and to determine the prerequisites. The minimum standards required for you to earn credit for an internship are the established prerequisite(s) for the specific internship course.

STEP 3: Find an Internship Employer

Search MyCareerLink for internship openings from local and national employers seeking to hire PCC students. Log into MyPima and click on the Student Resources tab to access MyCareerLink.

Also review Internship Resources for local and national internships.