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PCC Athletic Trainer Hosts Students on Career Day

October 26, 2012

Raymond Suarez
Pima Community College
Sports Information
Office: 520-206-3035

PCC Athletic Trainer Hosts Students on Career Day

 Tucson, AZ – The Sports Injury Management Department played host to 8th grade students from La Paloma Middle School on Friday at the West Campus for Career Shadow Day.

April Jessee, who’s been with Pima Community College since Feb. 2010 and a certified athletic trainer for eight years, showed seven students around for two hours and introduced them to her career. This was the first time Jessee had participated in Career Shadow Day.

“It was interesting,” Jessee said. “I’ve worked with high schoolers but never with kids that young. It was nice to teach them at a young age and I think they left with a larger knowledge of what true athletic training was about.”

Jessee said when the students first arrived they didn’t know what athletic training was. She explained some of the injuries she’s seen and showed different rehabilitations and techniques to recover from various sports injuries. The students talked to a few baseball players about injuries they’ve recovered from. She also emphasized to the students the educational requirements to get into the field and how important they are.

Jessee also had some of her student athletic trainers with her during the presentation.

“It was very valuable for my students in getting them involved,” she said.

Jessee was already thinking of more ideas on how to promote athletic training for future Career Shadow Days.