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PimaChat Quick Guide

1. Use the "Start PimaChat" link to begin your chat session. You will be taken to a login screen.

2. Choose "Enter as a Guest", type in a name and then click the 'Enter Room' button. Use a first name, first and last name or nickname.

Login Image

3. Ask questions by typing in the Question: box at the bottom of the screen. Click the button to send the question.

Questions Image

4. When you ask a question it will appear in the Q & A.  Advisors will answer general questions publicly so that others can learn from the question. For this reason, confidential information will not be discussed via chat.

Posted Images

5. When an advisor answers a question, the question and response displays in the chat area. If a web page link is included in the response, copy and paste the link into another tab or window.  Be sure to bookmark any links provided in the response.

Now you are ready to go!

Click on Start PimaChat to connect to the chat web site.