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Anh-Thuy Nguyen is a multi-media/transdisciplinary artist, whose work spans from photography, video to installation and performance art. Using her personal history as a resource, Anh-Thuy's work delves deeply into conflicting emotions, feelings, and thoughts through the portrayal of often strikingly strange yet hauntingly beautiful visual manifestations of gain and loss. She received a BFA in Photography from The University of Arizona and an MFA in Photography/ Video from Southern Methodist University. Anh-Thuy has exhibited and taught photography, painting, linoleum, performance art, and concept-driven workshops nationally and internationally. Her works are in permanent collections of Amarillo Museum of Art, Tucson Museum of Art, Center for Photography at Woodstock among others. She is the head of the photography program at Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ.

The journey I have experienced as a female, an immigrant, and an outsider provides me rich experiences to define who I am. My personal work highlights complex relationships and cultural clashes resulting from my existing between cultural identities: Vietnamese and American. In my most recent work, I investigate the usage of languages from an immigrant's perspective.

Citizenship Project is my personal interpretation of documenting American naturalization process. It is built upon my fascination with pass/fail measurements applied in American system, especially during the naturalization process, which harbors classism, racism, and societal paranoia.

A is for Alphabet video portrays a process of learning and unlearning through a series of collaborative encounters where, in theory, practice makes perfect.

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