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Rent Facilities

Is your organization seeking an ideal place to meet? We rent our facilities to businesses and community organizations.

Our campuses provide the advantages of easily accessible locations, plentiful parking, quiet and comfortable spaces and rooms that accommodate modern communications technology. To find out room availability and rental rates, call the contact person on the campus where you'd like to meet.

Facility Contacts

  • Community Campus: 206-2610
  • Desert Vista Campus: 206-5001
  • Downtown Campus: 206-2610
  • East Campus: 206-7666
  • Northwest Campus: 206-2610
  • West Campus:
    • General: 206-6722
    • Center for the Arts: 206-6986
  • District Office: 206-2610
  • Maintenance & Security: 206-2610
  • Athletic Fields: 206-6005

How to Reserve Space

If space is available, submit a Facility Use Request Form to the contact person at the appropriate campus location, along with the required Certificate of Insurance (see form for details). Remember to submit these documents at least ten days prior to your meeting date.

Fee Schedule for Use of College Facilities

Note: Uses by the College always take priority.