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Meet the Vice President - Regina Suitt

Image of Regina SuittI want to personally welcome you to PCC’s nationally recognized Adult Education Program.

About Adult Education:  For more than 40 years, Pima Community College Adult Education (PCCAE) has provided adult learners in Pima County with opportunities to increase basic skills, prepare for earning a High School Equivalency Diploma, take the GED® test, learn English language skills, increase their civic involvement and develop the skills to transition to further education, jobs and vocational training.  Our work is possible with the support of PCC and because of community collaborations with students, local governments, school districts, social service agencies, local businesses, community-based organizations and many others.

The Adult Education Program builds partnerships in education with students and the community that acknowledge and utilize the experience, wisdom and needs of adult learners.  Our emphasis on quality has resulted in the development of an exemplary program, recognized locally, statewide and nationally for its excellence.   Students benefits from the services of some of the most creative, talented and dedicated adult educators in the field.

About the Vice President:  I have dedicated my career to adult education, and I am fully committed to leading adult education into its future. Like many in the Adult Education field, I started as a part-time teacher.  I’ve had many opportunities to learn and grow while moving into more responsible roles over 24 years in adult education.

I understand both the joy and the challenge of this work.  I am an example of how education can set a family on a path of achieving the American Dream.   I truly know the value and importance of the work in adult education.  I am in many ways a product of adult education.

I believe everyone should have access to basic skills education, and I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn what they need to meet their personal, academic and employment goals.

My best experiences, have been watching students open up about their lives and their challenges and in the end learning to understand the importance of trusting their abilities. Being a part of that transformation in students—when they see the power of their stories—is significant to me and helps guide my work.

Whatever your interest in adult education, as a student, potential staff member or future partner, I value your opinion. Please feel free to send questions or comments to and follow me on twitter @ReginaSuitt

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Ask the Vice President

Send a question to the Vice President of Adult Education!  Regina is happy to answer questions about Pima's adult education programs or to discuss adult education from a local, state and national perspective.