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Value of Training

You have invested in systems, equipment, hardware, software or any number of other capital items to keep your business efficient and productive. But to realize the potential of those investments your staff must be ready to make the most of them.

Regardless of how skilled your current employees are, relying on them to train new hires takes them away from their regularly assigned tasks and can result in inconsistent or incomplete training. Plus, as your industry’s requirements change or as you acquire new equipment or software, getting employees up to speed can be lengthy without adequate training. In fact, the advanced capabilities of some programs or equipment may never be fully realized without proper instruction.

Employee training that focuses on practical, on-the-job skills is a solid investment in your organization. Moreover, with customized training delivered at your site and on your timeline, you increase the value of that investment.

PCC's customized training will

  • help your employees focus on key job tasks.
  • increase employee productivity.
  • build employee confidence.
  • help you keep and develop key performers.
  • contribute to better customer service.
  • keep your organization compliant with laws and regulations.

"Training is critical in an employer's retention. Companies with appropriate training see 25-50% higher employee retention rates and 15-20% increases in job performance." --American Society for Training and Development

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