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Legislative Priorities

Pima's 2015 legislative priorities are to strengthen the state’s community colleges with reinstatement of previous funding levels and creation of equitable and new funding streams:

  • Collaborate with the Arizona Community College Coordinating Council, the group of ten community college districts to which Pima Community College belongs, to ensure the full reinstatement of the state funding formula statutorily mandated by the legislature.
  • Address the funding disparity between rural and urban community colleges to ensure that the latter are provided with equitable funding needed based on full-time student equivalent.
  • Collaborate with the Arizona Community College Coordinating Council to establish a performance-based funding model for community colleges based on best practices of recommended and successful models.
  • Provide dedicated funding streams for community college programs supporting low-skilled youth and adult learners to transition them into career pathways through adult basic education, job training, and post-secondary education and support services.

These strategies will increase graduation rates, retention rates, course success rates, transfer rates, skills and credential attainment, job creation and economic development.