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Strategy, Analytics and Research

Strategy, Analytics and Research (STAR) (formerly Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness) supports the needs of Pima Community College and its students by providing data, information and guidance for evidence-based internal operations and transparency to the community; including, but not limited to: planning, Federal and State compliance, student success, accreditation requirements, project management, local economic information, and program evaluation.

In addition, STAR is also responsible for:

  • Preparing reports on student enrollment and success
  • Participating in national benchmarking projects, including the Community College Survey of Student Engagement and the Voluntary Framework of Accountability
  • Overseeing external research requests related to human subjects
  • Coordinating the district-wide strategic planning process
  • Project management
  • Preparing local economic scans
  • Maintaining the College’s peer institution list and conducting benchmarking studies
  • Administering surveys of our students, faculty, staff and administrators
  • Completing many of the required Federal and State reports
  • Ad-hoc data/information requests

Please email research requests to Dr. Nic Richmond at or


STAR prepares a range of reports on topics including enrollment and student success. This includes:

  • Semester and annual reports on student characteristics, including annual trend data and semester reports on gender, age, race/ethnicity, education level and more
  • Student success reports, including course grades, grade point average and graduates by program.
  • Student survey results, including the graduate exit survey

All of these reports can be accessed from Students Reports. As the dashboards are released they will be posted to this page.

Institutional Effectiveness

STAR coordinates support institutional effectiveness activities across the College.

National Benchmarking Projects

The department administers several national projects, to enable us to compare our performance with other institutions. This includes the Community College Survey of Student Engagement, the Survey of Entering Student Engagement and the Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement. In addition, the College is a participant in the Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA).

Human Subjects Review

All research projects carried out by external groups at the College or by College employees that involve human subjects must undergo Human Subjects Review prior to implementation. STAR serves as the first point of review for these projects. Please read our user's guide and our guide to evaluating applications for details about the Human Subjects process at PCC and instructions for submitting an application form. We also ask that you contact us if you are planning such a project.

Strategic Planning

STAR coordinates the planning process for the district.

Environmental Scan

The Environmental Scan Report summarizes key information about the economic factors impacting the College.

Competitor Analysis Report

The Competitor Analysis Report examines information about Pima Community College (PCC) and its competitors within the larger landscape of higher education in Southern Arizona and across the country via schools that offer courses and credentials online as a means of determining PCC’s competitiveness in comparison to other institutions. The most recent Competitive Analysis was finalized in February 2017.

Peer Institution List

STAR maintains a list of our peer institutions, which we recommend for benchmarking studies. The list is segmented by:

  • PCC College Peers: institutions on the list have many characteristics in common with PCC, including size and key demographics
  • Aspen Prize Winners and Finalists
  • Colleges that are located in Tucson's Peer Cities

Federal and State Reports

The department is responsible for completing several federal and state reports, including the IPEDS surveys, the Perkins accountability reports, the Student Right-to-Know and others. Each year, as the reports are prepared, they are posted to the website.

Contacting STAR

The STAR office can be contacted through any of the methods below:

  • Visit our office: PCC District Office in C-212
  • Phone:  520-206-4934
  • Email:
  • Fax: 520-206-4754
  • Mail Code: DO 1275