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Office of Dispute Resolution

PCC’s Office of Dispute Resolution provides centralized and consistent oversight to address complaints and grievances from all constituency groups: students, employees and community members.

We are committed to addressing complaints, grievances, or concerns in an independent, fair, and objective manner.

Our core functions include intake, triage, investigation, and analysis of complaints and grievances, as well as identification of process improvements.  The Office reports to the General Counsel.

Filing a Complaint

A complaint is a request for assistance with a problem, conflict, concern, or issue that negatively impacts students, employees, the community and/or the college.

  • If the complaint is not a violation of policy, law or standard practice guideline, ODR will assist the complainant in resolving  the issue with the appropriate college resource, employee or employee group (i.e. employee relations, supervisor, campus designated contact person).
  • If the complaint demonstrates a violation, or potential violation of policy or standard practice guideline, ODR will begin a formal resolution process.  This process could include investigation and/or coordination with appropriate College contacts.

Use one of the methods below to discuss or file a complaint.  

When using the hotline you may remain anonymous if you so choose.

Filing a Grievance (employee only):

A grievance is an allegation that a specific personnel policy statement provision, a standard practice guide (SPG), and/or regulation has been or is being misapplied, misinterpreted, or not applied in such a way that the grievant (employee) or his/her working conditions have been affected.  A formal Grievance Form will be completed and submitted to the Office of Dispute Resolution.

Use one of the methods below to discuss or file a grievance.