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Dispute Resolution FAQ

I have a problem with a colleague or supervisor’s conduct and I want someone to tell them to stop behaving this way.  Will ODR do that for me?

  • ODR does not address conduct or performance issues directly with employees.  ODR will identify avenues of informal resolution for the complainant or forward the complaint to appropriate supervisory staff to address.

I have observed behavior I feel violates policy and I do not feel comfortable reporting the issue to a supervisor.  Can I report this to ODR?

  • Yes, ODR is the appropriate avenue to report alleged violations of policy.  ODR will intake the complaint and investigate as appropriate to address the allegation.  The results of the investigation will be provided to the appropriate College personnel to address the issue.

Can ODR investigate these complaints and keep the complainant anonymous?

  • ODR maintains confidentiality to the extent possible; however, It is very difficult to investigate anonymous complaints effectively. Through the Ethics Point system, we have the ability to pose questions to the reporter, so check the system often for follow-up contact.  If the complaint cannot be properly investigated it typically cannot be forwarded to a supervisor for action. 

How long does it take for ODR to investigate a complaint?

  • ODR has a goal of completing investigations within 2 weeks of report.  Complex investigations could take longer.

What happens when an ODR investigation is complete?

  • ODR will contact the reporter and provide information about the disposition of the complaint.

I have been contacted by ODR to speak with an investigator.  Will the information I provide be kept confidential?

  • Information provided during the course of an Administrative Investigation is a matter of public record and subject to public records requests.  With that being said, every effort is made to maintain the integrity of the information provided.

My supervisor has taken disciplinary action against me that I feel is unwarranted.  Does ODR handle such complaints?

  • Section V, Part L of the Personnel Policy Statement for College Employees provides the process for appealing disciplinary action excluding termination.  ODR will be happy to assist in identifying this process but ODR does not handle these appeals.

My supervisor has directed me to perform job duties I feel fall outside the scope of my job description.  Will ODR evaluate my job duties and job description and provide a determination?

  • ODR does not evaluate job duties vs. job description at the College.  The Compensation and Classification area within Human Resources will assist an employee with these types of inquiries.

I am a community member that has concerns regarding a PCC policy or a communication received from PCC.  Can I direct this concern to ODR?

  • PCC and ODR welcome feedback from the community and will strive to assist the community member in any way possible. 
  • Depending on the nature of the concern, ODR will conduct an investigation or assist in identifying the appropriate College resources with which to resolve the matter.

I am a student that has an issue with my Instructor and/or the grade I received for a class.  Can ODR help me with this problem?

  • Student grade complaints are handled through an already established process.  ODR will be happy to assist the student identifying who the proper personnel are to contact.

What is ODR’s role in the Grievance Process?

  • ODR will intake the grievance and ensure the requirements are met to file a grievance
  • ODR is then responsible for routing the grievance through the various stages of the grievance process (see Section VI of the Personnel Policy Statement for College Employee).
  • ODR will perform investigation as requested by respondents and supervisors responsible for the grievance.