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Leadership Team: Agendas and Minutes

Approved minutes are posted as soon as they are available and are linked from the meeting dates listed below. Agendas and minutes from the 2015-16 academic year are also available.

2016-17 Academic Year



Mar. 21, 2017

Strategic Items

I.   ELT Priorities (D. Bea)

  • Educational Master Plan/Facilities Master Plan
  • Budget

Action Items

II.  Possible Strategic Directions: 2017-2020 (D. Durán-Cerda / N. Richmond)

III.  Community Relations (L. Brosky)

IV.  Future of STEM Innovation Challenges (L. Brosky)

V.  All College Council Recommendation - Input Framework (L. Brosky)

VI.  Summer Volunteer Pilot (D. Bea)

VII.  Requests for Web Pages (D. Bea)

VIII.  Approval of Summary Notes from March 7, 2017 (D. Bea)

IX.  Capital Budget Requests (out-of-cycle) (D. Bea)

  • WC Quiet Rooms
  • DV Access & Disability Resources

X.  Strategic Initiative Requests (D. Bea)

  • Men’s Basketball
  • Concur Invoicing
  • First Year Experience: Connect U
  • Center of Excellence - Community Forums

Information Items

XI.  Carnegie Classification of Community Engagement (D. Durán-Cerda / N. Richmond / L. Howell / M. Peel)

Mar. 7, 2017

Strategic Items

I. ELT Priorities

  • Program Pathways – Update (M. Phillips / G. Busch)

II.  Board Packet Review (D. Bea)

III.  Student Housing (J. Silvyn)

IV.  Educational Master Plan/Facilities Master Plan (D. Durán-Cerda / B. Ward)

  • Final EMP Timeline
  • March 20th Study Session

Action Items

V.  Civic Dialogue and Engagement Training Series Proposal (D. Durán-Cerda/L. Howell/M. Peel)

  • Approval of Concept
  • Ideas for Funding

VI.  Placement Test - Fee for Third Attempt (D. Durán-Cerda)

  • Rationale
  • Benchmarking

VII.  Approval of Summary Notes from March 21, 2017 (D. Bea)

VIII.  Strategic Initiative Request (D. Bea)

  • Classroom Adequacy Assessment

IX.  Capital Budget Requests (out-of-cycle) (D. Bea / I. Lancaster)

  • WC Quiet Rooms
  • DV Access & Disability Resources
X.  Capital Budget Review (D. Bea / I. Lancaster)

Information Items

XI.  College Standing Committees (D. Durán-Cerda)

XII.  Mail Services (B. Ward)

XIII.  Summer Planning Update (D. Durán-Cerda/D. Dorė/L. Morales/M. Phillips)

Feb. 21, 2017

Strategic Items

I.  ELT Priorities (D. Bea)

  • Course Sequencing Update

II.  Board Packet Review (D. Bea)

  • Course Fees
  • Tuition & Service Fees
  • Benefits

III.  Educational Master Plan/Facilities Master Plan

  • Final EMP Timeline (D. Durán-Cerda)
  • March 20th Study Session (B. Ward)

Action Items

IV.  Approval of Summary Notes from February 7, 2017 (D. Bea)

V.  21st Century Classroom Budget Request (D. Bea)

  • EC Grant Project - Collaboration based learning lab to support interdisciplinary project based teaching and learning (L. Morales) 

VI. Strategic Initiatives Request (D. Bea)

  • NCAT TSC (L. Morales, D. Doré)

Information Items

VII.  Loaned Executive Management Assistance Program (LEMAP) Visit (B. Ward)

Feb. 7, 2017

I.  Center for Creative Leadership Update (L. Lambert)

II.  Professional Development Funds for Adjunct Faculty (D. Durán-Cerda)

III.  Board Packet Discussion (D. Bea)

IV.  Course Fee Recommendations (D. Bea)

V.  Summer Flex Schedule (D. Bea)

VI.  Approval of Summary Notes from January 24, 2017 (D. Bea)

Jan. 24, 2017

I.      Summer Communication Plan (L. Brosky / L. Howell)

II.     All College Council Update (L. Brosky)

III.    Draft Board Packet Review (D. Bea)

IV.     ELT Agenda Item Request Form and Proposal (D. Bea)

V.      ELT Priorities (D. Bea)

VI.    Cell Phones (D. Bea)

VII.   Approval of Summary Notes (D. Bea)

  • December 7, 2016 EMP Retreat
  • January 10, 2017 ELT Meeting
Jan. 10, 2017

I.  Educational Master Plan Timeline (D. Durán-Cerda)

II.  Faculty Contracts (Jeff Silvyn

III.  Pima-All - to Ops group (L. Brosky)

IV.  Support for External Events (L. Brosky)

V.  Temporary Employee Update (L. Nichols / G. Goodman / I. Lancaster / A. Plucker)

VI.  Summer Offerings (D. Durán-Cerda/T. Roush)

VII.  Approval of Summary Notes from December 6, 2016 (D. Bea)

VIII.  Strategic Initiative Request (D. Bea)

  • Navex Global Open Door and Student Complaint Report Forms

IX.  21st Century Classroom Budget Request (D. Bea)

  • Collaboration-Based Learning Lab to Support Interdisciplinary Project-Based Teaching and Learning
Dec. 7, 2016

ELT Retreat - Educational Master Plan Recommendations

Dec. 6, 2016

I.      Supervision in the 21st Century Capstone Learning Project Team Presentations (21st Century Cohorts)

II.     Faculty Emeritus (D. Durán-Cerda)

III.    Summer Schedule (J. Silvyn)

IV.    ELT Priorities (D. Bea)

V.     Budget Scenarios (D. Bea)

VI.    Capital Projects and FY 18 (B. Ward)

VII.   ELT Schedule (meet on 20th or otherwise?) (D. Bea)

VIII.  Approval of Summary Notes (D. Bea)

  • November 1, 2016
  • November 15, 2016

IX.    Strategic Initiative Request (D. Durán-Cerda)

  • Developmental Mathematics Professional Development
  • Learning Community Training
Nov. 15, 2016

I.  HLC ‐ Next Steps (D. Durán‐Cerda)

II.  Educational Master Plan Priorities (D. Durán‐Cerda)

III.  Minimum Wage Update (D. Bea)

IV.  Funding of Sabbaticals for Next Academic Year (D. Berryman)

V.  Next Steps for the 5 Bold Steps Identified at the Administrator Professional Development Day (D. Berryman / R. Schaming)

VI.  ELT’s Critical Priorities (D. Bea)

VII.  Hiring Justification Process (D. Bea)

VIII.  Approval of Summary Notes from November 1, 2016 (D. Bea)

IX.  21st Century Classroom Budget Request (D. Bea

  • WC Geology Augmented Reality Sandbox

X.  Strategic Initiative Request (D. Bea)

  • Online Tutoring Service
Nov. 1, 2016

I.     Feedback from Educational Master Plan Work Group (D. Durán-Cerda / S. Gers / I. Roark)

II.    United Way (C. Camargo / T Penn)

III.   Strategic Planning and ELT Goals (N. Richmond)

IV.    All College Council – Recommendation (L. Brosky)

V.     Faculty Hiring (D. Durán-Cerda)

VI.    Approval of Summary Notes from October 18, 2016 (D. Bea)

VII.   Strategic Initiative Request (D. Bea)

  • Online Tutoring Service

VIII.  21st Century Classroom Request (D. Bea)

  • WC Geology Augmented Reality Sandbox
Oct. 18, 2016

I.   ELT Purpose Statement (D. Bea / L. Brosky)

II.  Faculty Emeritus (D. Durán-Cerda)

III. Faculty Hiring (D. Durán-Cerda)

IV.  Adjunct Faculty Hiring (L. Morales)

V.   College Compliance Program (J. Silvyn)

VI.   All College Council Update & Recommendations (L. Brosky / L. Morales)

VII.  Summer Offerings/Options Facilities Usage (L. Morales)

VIII.  Education & Facilities Master Plan – Community Forums (D. Durán-Cerda / B. Ward)

XI.   Group Travel Contract (D. Bea)

X.   Office of the Auditor General’s FTSE Report for Community Colleges (D. Bea)

XI.   Approval of Summary Notes from September 20, 2016 (D. Bea)

XII.  21st Century Classroom Budget Request (D. Bea)

  • Create Learning Studio – Technology and Built Environment enhancements to C208 classroom
  • Advanced Manufacturing Initiative 2 – CAD 270 Integrated Design Lab for Mechanical-Electro-Mechanical Design

XIII.  Strategic Initiative Request (D. Bea)

  • Used Freightliner Tractor/Truck Purchase
Oct. 4, 2016

I.     Standards for Posting on College Web Pages (J. Silvyn)

II.    Employment of Temporary Employees (A. Plucker/G. Goodman/I. Lancaster/L. Nichols)

III.  Establishing Criteria for College Participation and Expenditures for Community and Charitable Events (J. Silvyn)

IV.  Development of Communication Best Practices/Training (L. Brosky)

V.    Employee Background Checks (D. Bea)

VI.  Future Agenda Topics (D. Bea)

  • Board Reports - New Positions
  • College Compliance Program
  • Personnel Policy - Position Locations 
  • Professional Development Funds
Sept. 20, 2016

I.   HLC Focused Site Visit (D. Durán-Cerda / B. Moses)

  • Logistics
  • Stability of Leadership 
  • Additional Locations

II.   Walkthrough of College Initiatives and KPIs (N. Richmond)

III.  International ESL Courses (D. Durán-Cerda)

IV.   Criteria for New Positions to be Presented to the Board (D. Berryman)

V.    Fair Chance Pledge (M. Phillips)

VI.   FY16 Budget Summary (D. Bea)

VII.  Approval of Summary Notes from September 6, 2016 (D. Bea)

VIII. Strategic Initiative Request (D. Bea)

  • Mission Statements for College-wide Locations             
Sept 6, 2016

I.    Draft AP 5.10.02 - ADA & Equal Opportunity, Electronic Information Technology Accessibility Guidelines (A. Conover / J. Howe)

II.   Communications with the Office of the Chancellor (L. Lambert)

III.  College Events Board Protocols (L. Lambert)

IV.   International Travel SPG/AP (L. Lambert)

V.    BOG Agenda Items (D. Bea)

VI.   Draft Board Packet Review (D. Bea)

VII.  Draft ELT Purpose and Mission Statement (L. Brosky)

VIII. Strategic Planning Team (N. Richmond)

IX.    Great Ideas Task Force (D. Bea)

X.     Approval of Summary Notes from August (D. Bea)

XI.    Strategic Initiative Request (D. Bea)

        a. STEM Innovation Challenge

Aug 16, 2016

I.    HLC Site Visit (D. Durán-Cerda / B. Moses)

II.   HLC Communications to the College (D. Durán-Cerda / L. Howell / P. Schwalbach)

III.  College Reorganization and Open Forums (Provost & Campus Presidents)

IV.   Organizational Communication Lines (L. Lambert)

V.    Organizational Charts (L. Lambert)

VI.   Course Fees (D. Bea)

VII.  Approval of Summary Notes from August 2, 2016 (D. Bea)

Aug 2, 2016

I.     Operational Effectiveness (N. Richmond)

II.    Update on Business Intelligence (N. Richmond)

III.   VFA Update (N. Richmond)

IV.    Deactivation of Programs and Off-Cycle Program Review Update (K. Mitchell / J. Easter)

V.     Student Services 2nd and 4th Friday Meetings Update (SSC Managers)

VI.    STEM Innovation Challenge (L. Howell / M. Peel)

VII.   PCC Website - Continuation of Discussion from July 19 ELT Meeting (L. Morales)

VIII.  Reorg Structure Update (L. Morales)

IX.    Improving BOG Reports (J. Silvyn)

X.     BOG Packet Review (D. Bea)

XI.    Approval of Summary Notes from July 19, 2016 (D. Bea)

XII.   Strategic Initiative Request (D. Bea)

  • STEM Innovation Challenge
July 19, 2016

I.    Outstanding Staff and Faculty Awards (. Berryman)

II.   PCC Website – Strategies About How to Make it More Responsive/Effective (L. Morales)

III.  College Reorganization – Update and Next Steps (L. Morales)

IV.   Upcoming Meeting with the Smith Group for Facilities/Education Master Plan [07/21/16] (B. Ward)

V.    Hall of Accomplishments (J. Silvyn)

VI.   Approval of Summary Notes from June 21, 2016

VII.   Strategic Initiatives (J. Silvyn)

  • STEM Innovation Challenge

VIII.  21st Century Classroom Budget Request (J. Silvyn)

  • Advanced Manufacturing Initiative ‐ CAD 270 Integrated Design Lab for Mechanical/Electro‐Mechanical Design