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Leadership Team: Agendas and Minutes

Approved minutes are posted as soon as they are available and are linked from the meeting dates listed below. Agendas and minutes from the 2017-18 academic year are also available.

2018-19 Academic Year



Sept. 18, 2018

Standing Items

I.    HLC Update (B. Moses)
II.   Cyber Warfare Range Update (J. Craig)
III.  Faculty Reductions (J. Craig / R. Schaming / D. Duran-Cerda)

Action Items

IV.   Enrollment Management Task Force (D. Duran-Cerda)
V.    Personnel Policy Handbook Update (T. Davis)

Information/Discussion Items

VI.   Fall 2018 ProHabits Pilot (N. Richmond)VII.  Personnel policy revisions (J. Silvyn)
Aug 21, 2018

Strategic Items

I.  Cyber Warfare Range Proposal Approval (Tom Davis)
II.  Community Campus Move Update
  • Legal (Jeff Silvyn)
  • Move Work Groups (WF, AE, Online) (Tom Davis)

Action Items

III. Approval of Summary Notes (Tom Davis)

  • July 17, 2018 - ELT Meeting

IV.  Strategic Goal Owner (Nic Richmond)

V.  Chancellor’s Goals - Finalize leads (Tom Davis)

VI.  Measuring Employee Morale (Nic Richmond)

VII. Deputies Group Representation (Tom Davis)

VIII. ELT and New IQ Process (Nic Richmond)

Information/Discussion Items

IX.  Heart Association Walk (Lisa Brosky)

X.  Director level (and those administrators who missed the retreat) leadership discussion with the Chancellor (30 AUG - 1400 -1700 Board Room) (Tom Davis)

XI.  Acceleration of COE’s (Bill Ward/Tom Davis)

XII. Debriefing HSI (Dolores Duran-Cerda)

Juy 17, 2018

Strategic Items

I.  ELT, Retreat and Leadership (L. Lambert)

II.  Strategic Plan Update (N. Richmond)

  • Performance Metrics
    • Fill rates for Fall CRNs
III.  Educational Master Plan/Facilities Master Plan (D. Durán-Cerda / B. Ward)

Standing Items

IV. HLC Accreditation (D. Durán-Cerda)

  • Federal Compliance Update
  • Second Draft
V.  AERC and Policy Update (A. Colter-Mack)
VI.  Budget (D. Bea)
  • September ELT Budget Meeting
VII.  Interim Transition Officer Update (R. Schaming)

Action Items

VIII.    Approval of Summary Notes (D. Bea)

  • May 15, 2018 - ELT Meeting 
  • June 1, 2018 - Athletics Discussion 
IX.   Outstanding Faculty and Staff Awards (A. Colter-Mack)
X.  In-Range Adjustments (A. Colter-Mack)
XI.  Charters and Projects (D. Bea)
  • Charters
  • Decision-Making

Information Items

XII.  Exempt and Non-Exempt Professional Development Funds (A. Colter-Mack)
XIII.    Individual Positions Reviews (IPRs) (A. Colter-Mack)
  • Ops ELT Recommendation
XIV.   Hiring Justifications (J. Silvyn)
XV.  Mary Lou Fulton College Teachers College (Lou Albert)
  • CC & Tribal College Leaders Meetings Background 
  • Brainstorming Session