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Field of study

Explore big topics in the science of energy and motion by taking courses that focus on mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves and heat, relativity to the basics of quantum physics. Students learn through lecture and hands-on lab experiences.

Physics courses are offered as part of the requirements of the Associate of Science degree, or may be taken as required or elective courses to complete other degrees. 

Students interested in pursuing a degree at ASU, NAU or UA should meet with physics faculty to plan their course of study using transfer information.


Multiple Campuses

Contact Information

Division of Science
Dean: 520.206.2180
Program Advisors:  520.206.6079


After earning a bachelor's degee, work as a technician in laboratories, with research and development firms, in the laser or optics industry, or in manufacturing.

Academic Options

Transfer to a college or university to complete a bachelor of science degree in physics, astrophysics, optical sciences, engineering or education.

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