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Biotechnology student in lab wearing lab coat, gloves and safety glasses

Bioscience Laboratory Technology

You probably haven’t used a spectrophotometer. But you likely have benefited from one, at least indirectly. Spectrophotometers often are used by laboratories to identify and measure the presence of biological agents in microscopic samples. 

Pima’s Biosciences program will teach you about spectrophotometry, which measures properties of a substance by gauging the intensity of light as a light beam passes through a liquid solution. You’ll also learn to make biological solutions, grow cells, and maintain laboratory equipment. In short, you will learn to become part of the backbone of science, ensuring the accuracy of test results in hospitals, labs and research facilities.

You are a good fit for Bioscience if you like to analyze information, have an interest in operating delicate machinery, and can write, speak and listen effectively, as you will be communicating complex ideas to a wide array of researchers and colleagues.

Great job growth

The 10-year growth rate for Science Technicians in Pima County is 14%. The national 10-year growth rate for Science Technicians is 8.3%.  Source: Arizona Career Information System
growth rate for Science Technicians

List of Certificates


Northwest Campus

Contact Information

Division of Sciences
Dean: 520.206.2180
Lead Faculty:  520.206.2299
Program Advisor: 520.206.6079
Information Sessions

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