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Field of study

Pima is a great place to start working toward your career in psychology!

Pima's psychology courses are offered as part of the requirements of the Associate of Arts degree, or may be taken as required or elective courses to complete other degrees.  Students interested in pursuing a degree at ASU, NAU or UA should meet with a psychology faculty member or advisor to plan their course of study using transfer information.

Students of psychology seek to understand the mind in all its complexity. Psychologists study how we think about love, death and sex. About how we grow up and how we grow old. About all of the things that make humans human.

At Pima, you will explore theories of human thought and behavior. You will learn how to apply those theories to individuals. Our program also covers psychological research and professional and ethical conduct. 

You are a good fit for Psychology if you are empathetic; that is, you can understand someone else’s feelings, and want to help them. The ability to communicate verbally and in writing also is important, as is an appreciation of diversity of thought. 


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Division of Humanities & Social Sciences
Dean:  520.206.3375
Information Sessions

Academic options

Transfer to a university bachelor’s degree program in psychology or related social or behavioral science.


After completing a bachelor’s degree, seek employment in the mental health, counseling or personnel fields.

Additional information

Already in the Associate of Arts Psychology Pathway?

Continue toward your Associate of Arts degree in Psychology and your transfer plans! Students who entered this program as their declared program of study prior to Fall 2020 may complete the program in the prescribed time frame. Your program advisor can provide details.

Use MyDegreePlan and/or your catalog of record to view the degree requirements. Both of these resources are found in MyPima on the Student > Academics tab > Academic Planning section. See an advisor for assistance.

Program/Major Codes: AOAALA/ALA1/ALAP (this degree is no longer available to new students)

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