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Your Guide to Virtual Services and Remote Learning.
Student in PCC library stacks of books


Library Card/Student ID

How do I get a library card?

As a current Pima Community College student, you can use your barcoded Pima Community College student ID card, which allows you to check out materials and access subscription databases.

I am a University of Arizona student. Can I just use my CatCard?

Pima Community College and the University of Arizona are separate institutions, so the Library does not accept the CatCard as a student ID. All students taking classes at PCC will need to get an official PCC student ID card to use library resources.

I forgot my student ID. Can I just make a quick copy of my course reserve?

We require that you present your PCC student ID to check out any library materials. 

Circulation Rules

How many books can I check out?

Students in for-credit classes, faculty and employees can check out up to 25 items total.  Community users and non-credit students can check out up to 5 items total. 

How long can I keep materials I check out?

  • Books: Three weeks, with two renewals unless a hold or recall has been placed on the item, in which case the item cannot be renewed and must be returned. Honors students may check out books for an entire semester when they show a librarian proof of admittance to the Pima Honors Program.
  • Videos: Three weeks with two renewals unless a hold or recall has been placed on the item, in which case the video cannot be renewed and must be returned.
  • Reserve Materials: Checkout lengths of reserve materials are determined by the instructor. Most reserve items circulate for two hours and for library use only.

The item I need is at another campus.  Can I have it sent to my campus for pickup?

Yes, you can select any campus library as a pickup location when placing a request. Delivery typically takes 2-6 days.

Where can I return library materials?

You can return items to any campus library, regardless of where you pick them up. 

What happens if I have overdue materials?

Students with overdue materials will be blocked from registration until these materials are paid for or returned. Daily overdue fines are not charged.

I have a hold on my account because of an overdue library book. Now I can't register or get a transcript.  What do I do?

The library will place a hold on your account if you fail to return a book on time. The hold will prevent you from registering for classes or getting a copy of your transcript. To remove the hold, you have two options:

  • Bring back the overdue item and let the circulation staff know you have a hold on your account. Once you bring the item back, we will instantly remove the hold from your account.
  • Pay for the item. If you can't find the overdue item, you can pay for it to clear the hold from your account. You will need to come into the library for a bill for the item that you will take to the Cashier's office. Once the item is paid for, we will clear the hold from your account. If you find the lost item within a year, we will give you a refund.

My book has been overdue for three weeks. How much in late fees will I owe?

Pima Community College library does not charge students late fees, so you will not owe any fees for returning an item late. However, if you fail to return an item at all, we will place a hold on your student account, which will prevent you from registering for classes or getting a transcript.

Are interlibrary loan services available for students?

Students with valid ID cards can request materials not available from libraries in Tucson through interlibrary loan. See a campus librarian to make a request and we will help you fill out the form. It can take two to four weeks to get materials from interlibrary loan, so plan ahead. 

There may also be fees for certain materials. You have the option of specifying what amount you are willing to pay or if you only want items that are freely available. 

Due dates for interlibrary loan materials are set by the library that loans the item. When you pick up the item you will be informed of the date by which you must return it. Materials may be renewed only if the lending library allows. You are responsible for any overdue fines.

Library Collection

Do you have the textbook/course reserves for my class?

All PCC libraries may have textbooks and other relevant materials used in classes taught at that particular campus. When you need to check out a course reserve, come to the Circulation desk with your student ID and let us know for which class you need the textbook. Course reserve checkouts are generally two hours and in-library use only.

A class in the same course may use a different textbook depending on what campus the class is taught. This means that the Downtown Campus Library may have the textbook used for MAT092 taught at the Downtown Campus, for example, but this may not be the same textbook that's used at the West Campus.

An easy way to check what course reserves are located at the different campus libraries is to Search Course Reserve Lists on our website. Type in the course and section number (e.g. MAT092) to bring up course reserves by campus.

How do I suggest a book for the library to purchase?

f you would like to recommend a resource to add to the general library collection or would like to have a specific resource available for your courses, submit a recommendation to one of the librarians at your campus library or fill out this form. Requests will be evaluated by librarians who will consider the relevance of the material as well as cost in their decision to purchase the item. 

All items purchased by the Library must be housed at the specific campus library where it was purchased and must be available for check out to anyone. Purchases may take some time to be ordered, processed and added to the library collection

Technical Issues

I tried to get access to a database from home and it asked me to log in, but I don't know what to login with.  What should I do?

PCC Library's online resources, including our databases and e-books, require authentication if you are trying to connect from off campus. This means that if you are off campus, you will be prompted with a screen that says "Authorization Required to Access This Resource." When you encounter this screen, type in your MyPima username and password.  You no longer have to input your 14-digit barcode from your student ID card.

You can also login to MyPima and click the "Library" tab to get to resources from off-campus.

If you encounter any other type of login screen, let us know by emailing us by using Ask a Librarian. We will email you a response. 

Other Libraries

Are Pima students allowed to use the U of A library?

To check out materials at the U of A Library, PCC students must apply for a library card at the U of A and pay a fee of $50 for a semester or $150 for annual access. U of A Library cards do not include off-site access to their electronic databases.  Please visit the U of A's web site for a full list of their policies regarding library use

Is the PCC Library the same as the public library?

PCC Library is an academic library that serves students of Pima Community College as well as members of the community. We are a separate entity from the Pima County Public Library and do not share library cards or resources. While we do have some general knowledge materials, as well as popular fiction and DVDs, most of our collection includes academic materials that are used within PCC classes and programs.

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