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Desert Vista Campus - Title V

Through the Title V grant: Campus Integrated Model for Attainment, Desert Vista Campus is transforming our students’ educational experience by infusing the campus and classrooms with active learning strategies and innovative instructional technology.

The Title V grant at the Desert Vista Campus consists of three components:

Course Redesign

Selected courses offered at the Desert Vista Campus will be restructured to include interactive lectures and activity-based teaching methods. Participating faculty members will integrate technology into their lectures. Integrating technology into classroom settings increases student engagement and creates a culture of technological competence in the student community. 

Faculty Development

Through professional development and course redesign, Desert Vista faculty members will work to incorporate new learning strategies that will positively impact our students and community. Under the grant, faculty members will also offer supplemental instruction, which will help students succeed in their academic pursuits. 

Center for Integrated Learning

These Title V initiatives will converge in a newly renovated Center for Integrated Learning (CIL). The newly renovated building will support student instruction by providing new instructional and collaborative spaces. The CIL will offer students an area where they can develop critical academic skills, and will provide students and faculty members with an environment that supports instructional innovation, collaboration and diverse learning styles.