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Strategic Planning

PCC has adopted a new planning process which includes the following key elements:

  • District-wide Strategic Plan, which provides the overarching strategic directions of the College as determined from external and internal input
  • Senior Administrator (SA) Plans, which provide details on the operational activities within each branch of the College led by one of the Campus Presidents, Executive Vice Chancellor or Vice Chancellors
  • Unit Level Plans, which are operational plans for workgroups within each branch of the College as identified by the relevant senior administrator.

This page includes planning timelines and details on each of these plans.

Planning Timeline

  • District-wide Strategic Plan: Next comprehensive planning process scheduled for 2016-2017 in preparation of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.
  • Senior Administrator Plans: Reviewed by the relevant administrator annually and updated as needed to ensure operational activities are current and relevant. Annual plans run from July 1 through to June 30.
  • Unit Level Plans: First implementation is for spring 2015, and plans will be reviewed and updated annually from summer 2015 onwards.

District-wide Strategic Plan

The District-wide Strategic Plan, which identifies the overarching directions for the College, went into effect on July 1, 2014. Comments and suggestions can be submitted to The College is developing key performance indicators that will be used to monitor progress on plan activities. These indicators are being developed in parallel with the key performance indicators for mission fulfillment and will be posted online later in the spring. The College will collect updates from across the district twice a year and share those updates as they become available. A three-year timeline has been developed for the 2014-2017 District-wide Strategic Plan.

The current Strategic Plan was developed through a process that included gathering data on the economic, political and sociocultural landscape at the local, regional and national level; examining strategic plans from a wide range of organizations; soliciting input from Campus employees; and, conducting a Futures Conference to solicit input from the community and College employees.

A committee was formed to create the district-wide Strategic Plan.  The committee met March 25-26, 2014 to review the findings of the Futures Conference and begin drafting a plan. View videos from the event here, Mar. 25 [transcript] | Mar. 26 [transcript]. Based on input from the Futures Conference and the work of the Strategic Planning Committee, a draft district-wide 2014-2017 Strategic Plan was prepared and posted for comment in spring 2014. The document was revised in response to the input that was received from the community and employees.

Documents related to the 2014 District-wide Strategic Planning process:

Senior Administrator Plans

As part of the new planning process at PCC, the senior administrators have developed operational plans for their areas. This includes the following areas: Community Campus, Desert Vista Campus, Downtown Campus, East Campus, Northwest Campus, West Campus, Provost’s Office, Finance and Administration, Institutional Advancement, Facilities and Information Technology.

The 2014-2015 Operational Plan aligns with the District-wide Strategic Plan.

Unit Level Plans - coming soon

As the College continues to embed planning across all areas of the institution, the next step is the addition of unit level plans. These are operational plans for areas led by administrators below the senior administrator level, directors and advanced program managers. Plans for these areas will be posted online in early spring.