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National Benchmarking Studies

PCC participates in a number of benchmarking studies. This provides information on the College and how we compare with other institutions.  This page provides information on the studies we participate in, and provides links to the main reports.

Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA)

The VFA is a national accountability initiative led by the American Association of Community Colleges. The goal of the VFA is to develop measures of student success that are meaningful for community colleges. Pima participated as a pilot site several years ago and continues as a member of the project. The Arizona Community College Coordinating Council utilized the VFA to develop the state community college's 2020 Vision measures, which provide in-state comparison data.


  • View the College’s public VFA profile to access an interactive dashboard of the College’s VFA measures.
  • Pima Community College's 2017 Report.
  • Arizona Community Colleges: Strategic Vision for 2030.
  • The most recent 2020 Vision measures, including comparison data for the other state community colleges, can be found in the following reports:
    • Pima Community College 2017 Strategic Vision Outcomes Report.
    • Arizona Community Colleges 2017 Strategic Vision Outcomes Report.
    • Arizona Community Colleges 2017 Strategic Vision Student Progress and Outcomes Data (by District) Report.
    • Current and Projected Number of Credential Recipients Needed Each Year to Meet Achieve60AZ Goal (by District) Report.

IPEDS Feedback Report

The Data Feedback Report is a report that graphically summarizes selected institutional data and compares the data with peer institutions, using the information that colleges submit by IPEDS surveys.

Center for Community College Student Engagement Surveys

The Center for Community College Student Engagement has designed several surveys that address different aspects of engagement, which is an important aspect of learning and provides a measure of the College’s success. Pima Community College has participated in three surveys:

  1. Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) 
  2. Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) 
  3. Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (CCFSSE)

You can access results from the three surveys below, and we will post the new results as they become available. In some cases, the reports provide summary information; in other cases detailed tables of results are provided. If you would like access to more detailed breakout reports and Excel datafiles, please email


  • CCSSE Key Findings: 2011 | 2014
  • SENSE Key Findings:  2011 |  2013 | 2017
  • CCFSSE Summary Report: 2014
  • CCFSSE Summary Tables: 2011 | 2014
  • CCFSSE Promising Practices:  2011 | 2014
  • Comparison of findings from CCFSSE and CCSSE: 2011 | 2014

ETS Proficiency Profile

As part of the College’s ongoing efforts to directly measure its student’s performance in general education proficiency, Pima has adopted the ETS Proficiency Profile Test to begin standardized testing across the district. The ETS Proficiency Profile is an exam intended to measure general education outcomes at institutions of higher education. The test is specifically intended to measure four skill areas: critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics. PCC piloted the ETS Proficiency Profile in the 2012 academic year and the results are available here (link to the ETS report attached). It is important to note that in this pilot, some of the classes in the sample were not general education classes. As a consequence of this, the results in this report likely underrepresent the success of our classes in meeting general education measures. Pima administered the ETS Proficiency Profile again in Spring 2014. The results will be posted to this website when they are received by the College.