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Public Comment - Draft Monitoring Report

Opportunity for Public Comment
on the DRAFT Monitoring Report
Addressing the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Assumed Practices A.4. and B.2.c.

Open for Public Comment until July 14

Pima Community College is required to file a monitoring report no later than August 1, 2013, outlining a plan by which it will establish conformity with Assumed Practices A.4. (complaints and grievances) and B.2.c. (faculty oversight of curriculum) by July 2014.

We value your insights and wish to make the writing process as open and inclusive as possible.  To this end, the College welcomes public comment on the draft report.  The report will be open for public comment until Sunday, July 14.  Please keep in mind the following while reviewing the report and providing comments:

  1. The College is required to submit a plan for ensuring compliance with the two assumed practices.  While some improvements have already been made to College processes and procedures, the work to bring the College fully into compliance will occur between now and July 2014.
  2. The Monitoring Report (as compared to the Self-Study the College must prepare and submit by July 2014) has a very narrow focus on processes and process improvements that need to be made to ensure compliance with Assumed Practices A.4. and B.2.c.  While the issues addressed in the Monitoring Report are very important in preparing PCC for the Self-Study and ensuring PCC compliance with HLC standards, it is important to note that it is not intended to address the issues related to the probation sanction.
  3. The College will, in good faith, attempt to incorporate all applicable comments into the Monitoring Report.  It is possible that some comments received may be more appropriately handled via the Self-Study due July 2014.  Such comments will be saved and used in the preparation of that document. 
  4. To ensure confidentiality, comments will be anonymous.
  5. Comments will only be seen and used by the Monitoring Report writing team (with the exception of comments saved for preparation of the Self-Study). 
  6. Please review the report primarily for tone, clarity and content.  The document will go through several rounds of proofreading before it is submitted to catch typos and other errors. 
  7. Please keep comments brief.  The writing team will have only a short period of time to review comments and incorporate them into the document. 
  8. If your comment is in reference to content on a specific page, please reference it in your comment.

One final note – this is truly a draft.  We have made every effort to make this version as comprehensive as possible, but some sections may not be fully complete at this time.  However, work will continue during the public comment period to improve the report.  Thank you for taking the time to provide input on this critical document.