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Fast-Action Teams

To further strengthen our compliance with HLC Criteria and Assumed Practices, several Fast Action Teams  began work in September 2014 to review processes and procedures in several specific areas.

These Fast Action Teams include:


Objective: Define Governance Council’s role and communicate to College constituencies; develop an evaluation to ensure continuous improvement for Governance Council.

Members: Lorraine Morales, Campus President; Michael Tulino, Administrator; David Purkiss, PIR (Exempt Staff); Paul Schwalbach, Marketing (Exempt Staff); Don Harp, Staff Council (Non-Exempt Staff); Joe Labuda, Faculty; Carlo Buscemi, Adjunct Faculty; Alec Moreno, Student


Objective: internal and external understanding of the mission of the College, through development of core themes, objectives, key performance indicators and outreach.

Members: Erica Holmes, Provost; Lou Albert, Campus President; Cheryl House, Foundation; Nic Richmond, PIR


Objective: The project will engage and inform internal and external constituents about evidence of progress (continuous improvement) in key areas determined by recommendations from the HLC site visit chair and the chancellor. The focus will be only on the following areas:  the mission, general education outcomes, compliance, Board Policies, Governance Council, the sanction areas (sexual harassment training, hiring, procurement, grievance, faculty oversight of curriculum), and the Assessment model being used to measure effectiveness of the evidence.

Members: Rachelle Howell, Institutional Advancement; Terry Hawkins, Provost Office; Paul Schwalbach, Marketing; Louise Glogoff, Web Services; Michael Parker, Lead Writer

Budget and Planning Integration

Objective: develop and implement a planning process that better integrates the College’s budgeting and strategic planning processes and that clearly links the mission and the plan.

Members: David Bea, Finance; Gwen Joseph, Campus President; Nic Richmond, PIR; Erica Holmes, Provost; Andrew Plucker, CDAS; Ina Lancaster, Finance

Board Policies

Objective: All BPs reviewed and, if necessary, revised by December 2014.  Plan for revision and transition of all SPGs and RGs into Administrative Procedures will be created.

Members: Jeff Silvyn, Legal; Debbie Yoklic, Chancellor’s Office; Brenda Even, Board member


Objective: Identify and comply with all applicable federal and state laws and accreditation standards.

Members: Bill Ward, Facilities; Lori Cox, Internal Auditor; Dolores Duran-Cerda, Provost’s Office; Diane Groover, Finance; Mary Ann Martinez Sanchez, Vice Provost; Nic Richmond, PIR; Jeff Silvyn, Legal; Karrie Mitchell, AVC; Terra Benson, Director Financial Aid

Assessment Model

Objective: strengthen and provide evidence of curricular assessment and create an assessment framework and implementation procedures for co-curricular assessment at the College.

Members: David Purkiss, PIR; Rachelle Howell, Institutional Advancement; David Dore, Campus President; Nic Richmond, PIR

General Education

Objective: adopt general education outcomes and develop instruments to assess them.

Members: Mary Ann Martinez Sanchez, Vice Provost; Nic Richmond, PIR; David Purkiss, PIR; Jennie Conway, Curriculum Director; Jason Brown, Curriculum; Virginia Chomiak, Curriculum; Kat Manton-Jones, Curriculum; Morgan Phillips, Campus President; Julie Daglio, PSESI; Trina Felty, Academic Dean; Carmen Amavizca, Faculty; Sharon Campbell, Faculty; Joel Dworin, Faculty; Jeff Gabbitas, Faculty; Eugene Gottwalt, Faculty; Mark Heywood, Faculty; Cynthia Howe, Faculty; Jennifer Katcher, Faculty; Yolanda McCoy Stokes, Faculty; Tommie Miller, Faculty; Mark Moellenhoff, Faculty; Mark Nelson, Faculty; Michael Parker, Faculty; Reinhard Pawlicki, Faculty; Trina Sharsis, Faculty; Margarita Youngo, Faculty; Maria Holmberg, Counselor/Faculty; Susan Kuklin, Librarian/Faculty


Objective: compose document that summarizes reaffirmation of accreditation efforts since submission of Self-Study Report.

Members: Michael Parker, Lead Writer