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HLC accepts Assumed Practices Monitoring Report

Communication sent to employees on August 6, 2013 by Chancellor Lee Lambert announcing that the HLC has accepted the PCC Assumed Practices Monitoring Report.


I am pleased to report that the Higher Learning Commission has approved the Monitoring Report regarding Assumed Practices A.4. and B.2.c. submitted by PCC in late July. (The HLC’s response to the Monitoring Report is available on the Monitoring Report page of the Pima Addresses Probation website.)

The Monitoring Report detailed PCC’s plan to conform with HLC practices related to complaints and grievances, and to faculty oversight of curriculum. Submitting the report was one of the activities the HLC directed PCC to undertake when it placed the College on probation in April. In its Staff Analysis, the HLC endorsed the “sound plans” detailed in the Monitoring Report to fully comply with A.4. and B.2.c.

The HLC’s acceptance of the Monitoring Report is unequivocal good news. It is an indication to students, the public and PCC employees that the College is on the right course as it works to regain the fullest confidence of the HLC and the community.

What’s next for PCC? The self-examination undertaken during development of the Monitoring Report will broaden and intensify over the next 12-15 months into the HLC-mandated Institutional Self-Study, a top-to-bottom review of PCC operations. PCC must submit a Self-Study Report by July 2014 that provides evidence PCC has carried out the plan outlined in the Monitoring Report, and completely meets the HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation.

PCC’s most valuable asset is its employees, and I am confident that working together, we can successfully address the concerns of the HLC, improve our services to the community, and restore the public’s trust.

Lee D. Lambert,