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Assumed Practices Monitoring Report

Communication sent to students on July 29, 2013 by Provost Jerry Migler announcing that the Assumed Practices Monitoring Report has been posted.

To all PCC students:

The College is pleased to announce that it has submitted its Monitoring Report to the Higher Learning Commission. If you remember, the HLC, an organization that accredits PCC and other institutions of higher education, placed the College on probation in April. Probation is a type of institutional status that I described to you in the spring.

The HLC has specified activities that the College must undertake to successfully emerge from probation. Among those is writing a Monitoring Report that outlines PCC's plan to conform with HLC practices relating to complaints and grievance procedures, and to faculty oversight of curriculum. The 26,000-word Monitoring Report also included a list of recent improvements the College has made, including restoring its open admissions policy.

The report is online on the Monitoring Report website, as is an earlier draft posted on July 3. When we posted the draft, we invited the public to share insights through an accompanying online survey. A total of 132 comments were received, most coming via the survey and others as heavily annotated paper copies of the report, or multipage commentaries.

Some comments came from students, and I thank those students for taking the time and effort to comment, make suggestions and help us produce the best-possible report, which will play an important role as PCC works to regain the fullest confidence of the HLC and the public.

Several students have asked the Provost’s Office about the connection between probation and course scheduling and availability. Course scheduling and course offerings are not related to probation. Generally, campuses base course decisions on past enrollment patterns, and it is not unusual to see schedule changes because of these adjustments. To reiterate, these changes are not linked to our HLC status.

I want to stress that as the College works to emerge from probation, it remains fully accredited by the HLC.

Our ability to offer financial aid will not be affected, nor will course transfer. The University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University have assured us that transfer will continue as it always has for PCC students. (Read these assurances on the Accreditation page.)

The quality of our instruction and programs is undiminished. The HLC has not identified any concerns with PCC academics or student services.

For more information about probation and accreditation, see the Pima Addresses Probation webpage. As always, feel free to direct any questions about probation and accreditation to the Provost's Office via

The beginning of the new school year is almost here. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Jerry Migler, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor