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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Information Technology Related Investigation Guidelines
SPG Number:  SPG-5702/AG
Effective Date:  11/13/06
Approval Date:  11/13/06
Review Date(s):  5/27/11
Revision Date(s):  5/27/11
Schedule for Review & Update:  May 2014
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Information Technology
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
Board Policy Title & No.:  Information Technology Resource Management, BP 9.01
Legal Reference:  
Cross Reference:  

Statement of Purpose

This SPG establishes the process required to investigate alleged violation of the Acceptable Use Agreement.


A.      An investigation is a systematic process of scrutinizing the activities of an individual or group due to a violation of College policies and procedures, Federal, State and local laws and the Acceptable Use Standards.

B.      An investigation may include, but is not limited to, retrieving files, documenting Internet activities, and monitoring technology-related activities.

C.      An investigation does not include the normal monitoring of Information Technology resources to ensure adequate, secure and consistent delivery of college resources.

Approval Process

An investigation will only proceed upon written approval from the Chancellor.

Investigation Process

A.      If in the course of managing the computing and networking environment an Information Technology employee discovers inappropriate use of the resources other than a security breach, he/she should report that to his/her supervisor. 

B.      If, in the course of managing the technology environment, an Information Technology employee discovers security breaches, action may be taken immediately to protect the environment.

C.      Investigations regarding Information Technology resources will be coordinated by the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology.

D.      When appropriate, investigations should be contracted to an outside resource.