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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Data Trusteeship
SPG Number:
Effective Date:  11/13/06
Approval Date:  11/13/06
Review Date(s):  5/27/11
Revision Date(s):  8/16/11
Schedule for Review & Update:  May 2014
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Information Technology
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
Board Policy Title & No.:  Information Technology Resource Management, BP-5702
Legal Reference:  
Cross Reference:  

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this SPG is to define the responsibilities of Data Trusteeship and to assign responsibility for data sets to particular units.   


Data Trusteeship is the association of a set of data with a particular organizational unit within the College, for the purposes of assuring that data are accurate, available and confidential, and that use of data conforms to the Data Classification Standards.

Procedures and Responsibilities

A.      The data and information generated by College processes belong to the College, not an individual unit within the College.  All employees have the responsibility to use data and information as needed to complete job responsibilities. 

B.      The accuracy, availability and confidentiality of the data within the Enterprise Resource Planning systems are the responsibility of functional units of the College.  All student information, financial aid, and grants data are assigned to the Office of the Provost.  All finance data and payroll modules are assigned to the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration.  All human resources data, except payroll, are assigned to the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.

C.      The assigned offices are to review the accuracy, availability and confidentiality of the data on a periodic basis and effect any required changes to training, data input processes, supervisory review processes and/or any other processes that impact the quality and security of the data.

D.      The assigned offices are responsible for the accuracy, availability and confidentiality of reports and published information.