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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Institutional Web Pages
SPG Number: SPG-5701/AC
Effective Date:  7/1/01
Approval Date:  5/22/01
Review Date(s):  11/2/10
Revision Date(s):
Schedule for Review & Update:     Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing
Sponsoring Unit/Department:    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing
Regulation Title & No.:  Communications Responsibility, RG-5701/A
Board Policy Title & No.: College Publications, BP-5701
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference: 


1.1     Institutional Web pages are accessible to the general public, represent the College or any of its administrative or academic units, and are intended to communicate authoritative College information.  Top-level College pages include the College home page and those pages linked directly from the College home page.

2.0     PURPOSE

2.1     The purpose of institutional Web pages is to provide information about the College to students, employees, educational partners, businesses and individuals in the community and world-wide to support and facilitate College teaching, learning, research and administrative functions within the framework of the College mission statement.


3.1     The content and design of Institutional Web pages must follow the guidelines and standards outlined in the General Web Page Standard Practice Guide and the Communication Standards Manual.

3.2     The content of all institutional Web pages shall be related to the function and mission of the College.

3.3     District and Campus Home Pages will display a standard graphic specifically designed for these pages at the top of the page. District and Campus home pages will follow a standard layout.

3.4     Institutional pages must use a standard graphical header and layout.  Any exceptions to this practice must be authorized by the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Marketing.

3.5     Standard navigational bars will be used to assist users in navigating PCC sites.

3.6     Use of Audio and video content must be approved by an Executive Administrator and the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Marketing.  When they are used in institutional pages, alternative access must be provided (e.g., transcript of audio).

3.7     Applications must be tested on a number of browsers and platforms and must provide alternative access to information when needed.

3.8     Institutional Web pages should be accessible to all users, including disabled users, and provide reasonable access to users using lower bandwidth connections.

3.9     Institutional Web pages will not display visible Web activity counters, logs or guestbooks.

3.10   Input from site visitors may be solicited in a variety of ways including e-mail and web forms.  Unfiltered comments from visitors will be accessible only to appropriate employees of the College based on need.


4.1     College information provided via turn-key systems should comply with all institutional Web page regulations and standards whenever possible.


5.1     Institutional pages may be created by:

  1. faculty or staff groups recognized by the College and conducting College business
  2. alumni groups recognized by the College
  3. others with a special relationship to the College with the approval of the Chancellor or Campus President (or their designee)

5.2     Each Cabinet-level office is responsible for identifying broadly-distributed documents that originate in their departments and for ensuring that the information contained in these documents is made available on the College's Web pages.  This includes information from such documents as the Schedule of Classes, College Catalog, and Student Handbook.

5.3     Each Cabinet-level office is responsible for ensuring that the institutional pages of their organization conform to College regulations and standards.