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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Building and Facilities Naming
SPG Number: SPG-5503/AA
Effective Date:  7/1/00
Approval Date:  2/1/00
Review Date(s):  2/7/02, 3/15/07, 12/9/09
Revision Date(s): 2/7/02, 3/15/07, 12/9/09
Schedule for Review & Update:   Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:   PCC Foundation
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  PCC Foundation
Regulation Title & No.: Building and Facilities Naming, RG-5503/A
Board Policy Title & No.: Building and Facilities Naming, BP-5503
Legal Reference:  
Cross Reference
: Receipt of Gifts, BP-5502


The Board of Governors may approve the naming of buildings and facilities under its jurisdiction for the benefit of the College, providing that the naming honors an individual, family, foundation, corporation, or organization, or the naming recognizes a financial gift, is lawful, and reflects the mission, values, and best interests of the College.


The Chancellor will bring forward to the Board of Governors those recommendations endorsed by the Chancellor’s Cabinet. The Pima Community College Board of Governors has final approval for facilities naming. The Board shall delegate to the Chancellor’s Cabinet in collaboration with the Pima Community College Foundation the following nominating processes and financial criteria for deserving individuals, families, foundations, corporations, or organizations.

Dedicating Classrooms and Facilities
Classrooms and facilities other than entire buildings may be dedicated to honor distinguished employees, whether retired or deceased, or other individuals for whom evidence of extraordinary service to the College or their discipline is demonstrated.

Names of living or deceased employees or other individuals may be considered for nomination for unusually significant and meritorious service to the College, State, or nation. Candidates may be nominated by the President’s Cabinet from any campus, the DO (M&S) Executive Committee, or the PCC Foundation Board of Directors.  The PCC Board of Governors may nominate candidates through a campus, DO, or Foundation sponsor.

The nominating unit shall provide a portfolio of accomplishments for a candidate. The purpose of the portfolio is to demonstrate substantial evidence for the following applicable criteria:

  1. Excellence in teaching or services to students or faculty at Pima Community College (faculty, staff)
  2. Leadership in Campus and District committees, task forces, councils (faculty staff, and others)
  3. National and/or international recognition of scholarship or contributions to a discipline (Faculty)
  4. Innovation, major accomplishments, and recognition (staff and others)
  5. Statewide or national office holder, or other significant recognition (others)
  6. Service to Tucson, Arizona, or the Nation (faculty, staff, others)
  7. Specific, unique contribution to Pima Community College (faculty, staff, others)

The portfolio will include the following:

  • A dossier or curriculum vitae of the nominee
  • A one to two page justification for nomination including significant contributions addressing the relevant criteria
  • At least three letters of support from colleagues, students, administrators, other institutions, and/or community leaders
  • A one page justification for the request for the dedication of a specific facility
  • Letters of support from the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Student Government

The PCC Foundation will appoint an ad hoc nominating committee to screen portfolios once a year (if necessary). The ad hoc committee will be comprised of at least one faculty member, a staff member, an administrator, a community member, a PCC Foundation board member, and a student. Finalists’ portfolios will be presented to the Chancellor’s Cabinet for consideration.

Once the Chancellor’s Cabinet makes a selection, the original nominating unit will present the nomination at a regularly scheduled Board of Governor’s meeting during the Chancellor’s report.  The Board shall hear the nomination and vote at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting providing one month for consideration and public comment.

The Board of Governors may not, however, recognize more than two dedications during a calendar year.

Current employees may not be nominated. Retired employees or deceased individuals may be nominated three years from his or her retirement date or death.

In Recognition of Financial Gifts
The naming of a building or a facility in recognition of a financial gift must also meet an ethical criterion in that the donor’s intent for the gift must reflect the mission, values, and best interests of the College.  The gift should also meet minimally the following financial criteria:

  • A name proposed for a new building or facility so as to recognize a gift to the College may be considered when the gift represents at least 25 percent of the total cost.
  • A name proposed for an existing building or facility so as to recognize a gift to the College may be considered when the gift represents at least 25 percent of the original cost.
  • A name proposed for an existing but presently untitled facility under renovation may be considered when the gift represents 50-100 percent of the appraised value of an improvement or renovation (not less than $25,000).
  • If multiple facilities are contemplated as part of a capital campaign, specific room and facility naming opportunities and values must be established and approved by the Chancellor’s Cabinet.


College staff and constituents are aware of the opportunity and the process for naming buildings and facilities.