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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Faculty Emeritus Status
SPG Number:
Effective Date: 5/17/05
Approval Date: 5/17/05
Review Date(s):  3/15/07, 12/10/09, 1/6/14
Revision Date(s):
  3/15/07, 12/10/09, 11/21/14
Schedule for Review & Update:
   Every three years
Unit Responsible for Review & Update: Chancellor
Sponsoring Unit/Department: Chancellor
Regulation Title & No.: Recognition at Board of Governors Meeting, RG-4004/AA
Board Policy Title & No.: Employee Development, BP-4004
Legal Reference:
Cross Reference:
Student Success, BP-3509


The Chancellor’s Cabinet will consider nominations for Emeritus Status from Faculty Senate or any member of the Chancellor’s Cabinet.


The Board of Governors confers Emeritus Status on notable individuals, retired from the College, to signify honor and respect for sustained, outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the College to those having a career of high professional achievement.  This distinction is a tribute to the special relationship that has existed between the College and these individuals.

I.       Eligibility

The emeritus distinction is intended to recognize and reward a retired faculty for outstanding teaching, job performance and/or professionalism as well as service to the college. This designation should represent a high honor and is not to be viewed as an automatic designation for years of service.

The following criteria shall be used as the basis for recommendation to Emeritus rank:

1.    The faculty will have served twenty continuous years as a full-time employee of Pima Community College, of which at least fifteen years were as full-time faculty.

2.    The faculty is fully retired under the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) or optional retirement program, or the employee’s retirement announcement has gone to the Board of Governors. 

3.    The faculty shall be recognized as having made outstanding contributions to the discipline or service area at Pima Community College.

4.    The faculty shall be recognized as having contributed significantly to the success of students and the quality of the college as a whole.

5.    The faculty shall have made significant contributions to the community, profession and/or discipline.

II.      Procedures

1.    Nominations must include a written statement addressing each criteria (1)-(5) stated in the Eligibility section, above.

2.    Nominations shall be forwarded from Faculty Senate or any member of Chancellor’s Cabinet.

3.    Nominations are to be presented to the Chancellor, for consideration by Chancellor’s Cabinet, by April 1 and November 1 of each year.

4.    Cabinet-recommended nominations will be forwarded to the Board of Governors for approval.  Recipients will be honored at a subsequent regularly scheduled Board meeting.

III.    Benefits

1.    An official document certifying emeritus status will be presented to the awardee.

2.    Faculty Emeriti shall be listed in College catalogues and directories and all other formal listings of employees.

3.    Faculty Emeriti may present papers, attend and participate in professional meetings in their capacity as Emeritus, with the understanding that they are not representatives of the College.  The Faculty Emeriti will cover all costs associated with said professional meeting.

4.    Faculty Emeriti will be offered invitations to attend all institutional functions such as commencement, dedications, and other public ceremonies.

5.    Faculty Emeriti may be invited to serve as voting or non-voting members of College committees, working groups, taskforces and similar groups.

6.    Faculty Emeriti may take up to 6 credit/hours per semester at the tuition waiver rate on a space-available basis.  Faculty Emeriti may register only during drop-add periods.

7.    Faculty Emeriti may attend College events at the rate charged to full-time faculty.

8.    Faculty Emeriti will have the same access and privileges at the Pima Community College library as fulltime faculty.

9.    Faculty Emeriti will have lifetime email, specifically designated as retiree, e.g.,