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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Advising and Orientation
SPG Number: SPG-3114/AA
Effective Date:  5/2/00
Approval Date:  5/2/00
Review Date(s): 4/17/01, 2/7/12, 3/6/14, 8/13/14
Revision Date(s): 4/17/01, 2/7/12, 3/6/14, 8/13/14
Schedule for Review & Update:  Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Services
Sponsoring Unit/Department: Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Services
Regulation Title & No.: College Preparatory Programs, RG-3114/A
Board Policy Title & No.: Developmental Education/College Preparatory Programs, BP-3114
Legal Reference:
Cross Reference:


Pima Community College is committed to providing accessible and successful educational experiences for students. The purpose of this Standard Practice Guide is to explain the advising and orientation processes.


Pima Community College strongly recommends advising for all students after completing assessments, and prior to each semester’s registration. Orientation will be mandated for all degree- or certificate-seeking students new to higher education.  Advising and orientation will be available in multiple modalities to meet student needs.


Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor or counselor on a regular basis, but not less than once per semester, to discuss:

  • short and long term academic goals;
  • financial aid options;
  • major and semester course planning;
  • career planning;
  • academic workload and life balancing.


All degree- or certificate-seeking students new to higher education are required to complete an orientation prior to registering for their first semester of credit courses.   A student may, with the permission of an advisor or counselor, enroll in a designated Student Success course in place of attending an orientation.