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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  College Curriculum Office
SPG Number:  SPG-3106/BD
Effective Date:  10/6/98
Approval Date: 10/6/98
Review Date(s):  8/12/09
Revision Date(s):  8/12/09
Schedule for Review & Update:  Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Services
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Services
Regulation Title & No.:  Curriculum Standard, RG-3106/B
Board Policy Title & No.:  Curriculum Development, BP-3106
Legal Reference: 
Cross Reference: RG-3105/B, BP-3106, RG-3106/A, SPG-3117/AA

The College Curriculum Office supports the College's mission by facilitating the curriculum system; assisting in developing credit and non-credit curriculum, reviewing the curriculum and recommending changes; maintaining complete and accurate curriculum records, including the central repository of official curriculum documents; and publishing official curriculum information.  The office ensures the integrity and strategic positioning of the curriculum and promotes its development, documentation, report preparation, and approval.

The primary responsibilities of the College Curriculum Office are to coordinate the college-wide curriculum process, to provide technical review of all curriculum proposals, and to prepare analyses and reports related to curriculum.  In collaboration with the College Institutional Research Office, the College Curriculum Office also conducts feasibility studies for possible development of new programs.  Additional responsibilities of the office are specified in the Curriculum Procedures Manual.