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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title: Honorary Awards Procedures
SPG Number: SPG-3105/FA
Effective Date: 4/13/04
Approval Date: 4/13/04
Review Date(s):  2/21/05
Revision Date(s): 2/21/05
Sponsoring Unit/Department: Provost/Executive VC for Academic and Student Services
Regulation Title & No.: Honorary Awards, RG-3105/F
Board Policy Title & No.: Curriculum, BP-3105
Legal Reference:                         
Cross Reference:      

The procedures for awarding an honorary degree include:

  1. Nomination
    A Campus President, a Vice Chancellor, the Chancellor, or a member of the Board of Governors may nominate a person for an honorary degree.  The nomination is made in a form of a memo from the nominator to the Chancellor's office.  The memo must include a brief biographical sketch (maximum of 500 words) of the nominee and a clear statement of how the nominee's career is significant to the College, its students, its employees, or the College's other publics.
  2. Review
    The Chancellor's Cabinet reviews the nomination and makes a recommendation to the Chancellor.
  3. Approval
    The Chancellor, if he or she approves, makes the recommendation to the Board of Governors who authorizes the honorary degree.
  4. Schedule
    An honorary degree may be awarded at any time after completion of these procedures. 
  5. Diploma
    The Director of Admissions and Records prepares the honorary certificate or degree and provides the document to the Chancellor or his or her designee.
  6. Presentation of the Award
    The awardee will be recognized at the annual graduation ceremony.