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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Program and Service Review
SPG Number: SPG-3105/DA
Effective Date:  8/15/00
Approval Date: 8/15/00
Review Date(s):   4/30/14
Revision Date(s): 
Schedule for Review & Update:
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Office of the Provost
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Office of the Provost
Regulation Title & No.:
Board Policy Title & No.: Curriculum, BP-3105
Legal Reference:
Reference: Inactivation of a Program of Study, SPG-3105/AB


The purpose of this standard practice guide is to set forth the standards and framework for the Program and Service Review processes.  All instructional programs and related student services will undergo a full review every three to five years according to the published/established schedule.

For the purpose of this Standard Practice Guide, a program is defined as a degree or certificate (and any associated concentrations) and general education in total.

For the purpose of this Standard Practice Guide a service is defined as a department, area, or office which provides direct services to students. 

The list of defined programs and services will be updated by the Provost’s Office and posted on the College intranet.

The Board of Governors authorizes the Chancellor to delegate authority and responsibility to the Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor to ensure adherence to the Program and Service Review process.


Program and Service Review is the overall evaluation of the program or service.  This evaluation includes determining the viability of the program or service and addresses student learning outcomes.  The process ensures that programs and services are of high quality, demonstrate continued improvement, and respond to the needs of the students and the community.

The process involves faculty, staff, and administrators collaborating in the preparation of a self-study document and action plan. When appropriate, a group of persons from outside of the College, such as External Occupational Advisory Committees, may also provide input.

The program review will include, as appropriate, the evaluation of numerous indicators such as budget, enrollment, persistence, retention, completion/graduation/ transfer, curriculum, program level learning outcomes, labor market information, documented program accreditation or State licensure or State approval as a training site, and a program’s Selective Admissions criteria.

The service review will include, as appropriate, the evaluation of budget, contribution to student enrollment, persistence, and retention, learning outcomes, core services of the area, and identified data related to the service.

Approved Program and Service Review Action Plans contribute to the College and/or campus planning processes including informing budget decisions, determining faculty and staff levels, planning for facility changes and equipment needs, etc.


  1. The Program Services Office will notify the Presidents, Vice Presidents of Instruction, Vice Presidents of Student Services, Academic Deans, the Planning and Institutional Research Office (PIR), other appropriate administrators, faculty and staff of the Program and Service Review three- to five-year schedule approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost.
  2. The Program and Service Review Schedule is posted on the Intranet under the Program Services tab.
  3. PIR will compile the data package for use in the self-study.
  4. For programs, the required members of the program review team are the program faculty and the Academic Dean or Vice President of Instruction of the program. The CDAC Co-Chairs may assist in soliciting faculty for participation in the program review process. Each campus offering the program should have a representative on the review team. It is preferred that all full time faculty of the program participates in the program review process.
  5. The Program Services Office is responsible for notifying all participants and administrators of the review schedule, conducting orientations, providing process information, scheduling workshop meetings, and collecting all reports. 
  6. The Program or Service Review Team members collaborate to prepare a self-study document and draft action plan.
  7. The assessment of draft action plans will be conducted by a selected Administrative Assessment Team. The Program Services Office assigns, schedules, and conducts meetings to review the draft action plans with the assigned Administrative Assessment Team and writes a summary document of the action plan.  There are two possible results of the review.

               a.  The action plan is accepted, with or without revisions:

                          i.   The summary document is sent to the Program or Service Review Team, which works with its administrator to make the recommended modifications to finalize the action plan.  The final action plan is posted to the Program and Service Review intranet site for viewing.

                                     1.  At the beginning of fall semester, action plan activities will be reviewed and updated with current status. By October 30, of each year, the status information on activities will be sent to the Program Services Office and Campus vice presidents of instruction.

                b.  The action plan is not accepted, and is recommended for either an improvement plan or for inactivation:

                           i.      If the program or service is recommended for an improvement plan, a team is identified by administrators to write a new action plan to resolve the identified issues within a two-year period. 

                                     1.  If the program does not show significant improvement in the two-year period, it will be recommended for inactivation.
                                     2.  If the service does not show significant improvement in the two-year period, the Provost or designee will determine next steps.

                           ii.      If the program is recommended for inactivation, the process outlined in SPG-3105/AB, Inactivation of a Program of Study, must be followed.