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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title: Key Control
SPG Number: SPG-2501/BA
Effective Date: 8/19/94
Approval Date:  8/19/94
Review Date(s): 10/15/02
Revision Date(s): 10/15/02
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  AVC Administrative Services and Facilities
Regulation Title & No.:  Key Control, RG-2501/B
Board Policy Title & No.: Operations and Maintenance, BP-2501
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference:    

I.    Introduction

The physical security of the College community is essential to protect the assets of the College and ensure a safe environment for students, faculty and staff.

A.   Buildings will be locked to maintain the security of both buildings and their contents.

B.    College employees may be issued building keys upon the recommendation of the department chair, administrative head, or the official in charge of the building, in accordance with established procedures. Student employees may be issued keys if authorized by an appropriate supervisor.

C.    Building keys will be issued only where there is a demonstrated need for persons to have access to College facilities. Mere employment does not justify the issuance of keys.

D.    Keys are issued for entry to College buildings for the purpose of conducting College business only.

E.    An authorized employee entering or leaving a locked building will not permit any individual to enter who would not normally be permitted to enter the building during the hours it is locked. (An authorized employee may have guests as long as the guests stay in the proximity of the employee having the assigned key and the authorized employee assumes full responsibility for their presence.)

F.    An employee entering or leaving a locked building will be responsible for securing the door and may be held responsible for any loss or damage to College property resulting from failure to do so.

G.    Service Key Sets - may be assigned on a temporary basis to service repair agents to allow workers access to College facilities under construction or modification. These key sets may be loaned at the discretion of the Director, Plant Operations and Maintenance Department. Service sets will be issued at the start of projects and will be returned to Plant Operations before project closeout.

H.    Keys issued remain the property of the College and will be returned if:

  1. Employee transfers to another department or building.
  2. Employee is terminated, retires or resigns.
  3. Requested by an appropriate supervisor.
  4. Employee is granted a leave of absence without pay for a period of 30 or more calendar days; however, college employees granted such leaves may retain their key if they are authorized to have access to the building and/or office during the leave.
  5. At the end of the academic semester or period after which the keys will not be used for at least thirty calendar days.

I.    It is the responsibility of the Campus President, Vice Chancellor, administrative department head, or official in charge of the building(s), to ensure that all keys are returned under provisions of paragraph H.

J.    Keys are not to be transferred from one individual to another or to be obtained from any source other than from the College Lockshop. When any transfer or duplication of a key is made or used without College consent, the key will be recovered and the individual(s) involved reported to the Campus President, Vice Chancellor, administrator, department head, or official in charge for appropriate action.

II.  Procedures - Issue and Control

A.    The Plant Operations and Maintenance Department is responsible for the issuance, maintenance, and control of the lock and key systems.

B.    Key(s) may be issued only after a completed key request form has been processed through the Plant Operations and Maintenance Department. Identification will be required to pick up keys.

C.    Keys may be obtained from the Plant Operations and Maintenance office, 6680 S. Country Club by presenting an approved 'Key Request Form' between the hours of 8:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.

D.    Keys to cabinets, lockers, and drawers within buildings are not covered under the provision of this procedure. The Lock Shop will furnish such keys upon request, but the issue, control, and recovery of these keys are the responsibility of the appropriate supervisor.

E.    The Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance is authorized to issue and make keys available to Plant personnel to meet work requirements throughout PCCCD.

F.    Issuance of keys is restricted to full-time Pima Community College employees. Exception must be approved by the appropriate administrator.

III.  Key Terminology

A.    Campus Master Key - Will open any door on that campus, except proprietary systems.

B.    Building Master Key - Will open all doors in a specific building.

C.    Area Master Key - Will open a series of doors in a specific building.

D.    Exterior Door Key - Will open a specific exterior door.

E.    Proprietary Key - Will open a high security area only.

F.    Interior Door Key - Will open a specific interior door.

G.    Miscellaneous Keys - Will open desk, filing cabinets, etc.

H.    Padlock Keys - Will open padlocks only.

IV. Authorization

Building keys are obtained by submitting a properly completed key request form. Required signatures depend on the type of key requested. The required signatures will be as follows:

A.    Campus Master Keys - Require approval of the Chancellor. Issue restricted to Campus Presidents, Assistant Vice Chancellor Administrative Services and Facilities, and College Police Chief.

B.    Building Master Keys - Require the approval of the Campus President, Vice Chancellor, Assistant Vice Chancellor Administrative Services and Facilities or the Director of Plant Operations.

C.    Area Master Keys - Require the approval of the appropriate administrator.

D.    Exterior Door Keys - Require the approval of the appropriate administrator.

E.    Proprietary Keys - Issued on the approval of the official in charge of that area and appropriate administrator.

F.    Interior Door Keys - Require the approval of the official in charge of that area.

G.    Miscellaneous Keys - Require the approval of the official in charge of that area.

H.    Padlock Keys - Require the approval of the official in charge of that area.

V.  Employee Responsibilities

A.    Persons using assigned building keys to gain access after normal duty hours will be held responsible for the security of that area and will take care to ensure that building doors are locked. They will be responsible for property in that area.

B.    Keys must be presented at the request of any security guard, campus police officer, or other law enforcement official in the performance of their duties.

C.    Keys will not be transferred or duplicated.

D.    At the end of each semester, Adjunct Faculty must turn in their keys by the time prescribed by the appropriate campus administrator. Failure of the Faculty employee to turn in the keys as indicated may result in an adverse personnel action.

E.    Outside doors are to be locked when working in a building after normal working hours.

F.    Lost or stolen keys must be reported to the supervisor or department head and to the Campus Police immediately.

VI.  Replacement of Keys

A.    Broken Keys - To replace a broken key, the broken or damaged keys must be presented. (If portions of a key are missing it will be treated as a lost or stolen key.)

B.    Lost or Stolen Keys - A written report must be forwarded by the employee to the appropriate administrator. This report is used to determine the proper action necessary to maintain security. A copy of this report is forwarded through the Campus President/Vice Chancellor to Campus Police, and Plant Operations and Maintenance. Each time a key(s) to PCCCD property is lost or stolen the appropriate Campus President or Vice Chancellor will determine if re-keying is needed to maintain proper security or if a replacement key(s) will be issued. In reaching this decision, Campus Police, and Plant Operations and Maintenance will be consulted. The cost of re-keying will be charged to the requesting department at current labor and material costs.

VII.  Duplicate Keys

None will be issued. Only one key type or numbered key will be issued to an individual. No single function key will be issued to an individual who has been assigned a master key that will provide access to the same area.

VIII. Master Keys

A.    The loss of a Campus Master or a Building Master key will severely compromise the building security system. Campus Master Keys, with few exceptions, will not be issued. They will be issued only to those officials who have an absolute necessity to utilize them.

B.    Building Master Keys and Campus Master Keys will be kept in the possession of the responsible person at all times. Under no circumstances will Building Master or Campus Master Keys be left in desks, cabinets, or other unsecured areas.

IX. Key Audit

A.    Keys will be inventoried periodically to enable approving authorities to review and evaluate building access requirements. This audit will also verify accuracy of records and account for keys.

B.    Key audits may also be ordered by appropriate College officials at other times, should the security of an area or operating unit become compromised.

C.    Possession and/or use of an unauthorized key is a class 3 misdemeanor (ARS 13-3715) and will be dealt with as a criminal offense.

X.  Proprietary Lock Systems (Restricted Access)

A.    Proprietary lock systems may be appropriate to obtain a higher degree of security for certain high-risk areas, such as the Cashier's office, records rooms, supply rooms, flammable liquids, chemicals, drugs or food storage areas, and areas where confidential materials are stored. Key requests of this nature will be approved by a Campus President or the Vice Chancellor.

B.    Justification for proprietary lock systems will be verified on an annual basis.

XI. Return of Keys

Keys will be returned to the District Plant Operations and Maintenance office upon separation of employees from Pima County Community College District. The Human Resources and Payroll Department will require clearance from District Plant Operations and Maintenance indicating that keys have been returned prior to approving separation actions.