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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title: Smoking on District Property
SPG Number:  SPG-2303/AA
Effective Date:  03/01/05
Approval Date: 03/01/05
Review Date(s):  11/13/06
Revision Date(s):
Schedule for Review & Update:   Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:   EVC for Administration
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration
Regulation Title & No.: Health and Safety, RG-2303/A
Board Policy Title & No.: Environmental Health and Safety, BP-2303
Legal Reference:  ARS § 36-601.02Pima County Code, Chapter 8.50 City of Tucson Code, Chapter 11, Section III
Cross Reference:             

Pima County Community College District prohibits smoking in all buildings owned or leased by the District.  This policy also pertains to any other property in exclusive use by the College for any special event.  This procedure exceeds the minimum requirements of Arizona Revised Statutes § 36-601.02 and supports the goal of providing a safe and healthy environment for District employees, students, contractors and visitors.  Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of fresh air intake grills, near entrances and exits, and in seating areas of assembly occupancies such as bleachers provided for various District functions (baseball or softball fields, etc.), or any area where flammable materials are handled or stored, or where other significant fire hazards may exist.  The Campus President at each campus and the Executive Vice Chancellors/Vice Chancellors at the District Office will determine locations to be designated as smoking areas as appropriate for the campus and District Office and Maintenance and Security Building. Smoking is also prohibited in District-owned or leased vehicles.

Complaints about non-compliance with this standard practice guide shall be made in writing to the Campus President, Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Dean or other administrator responsible for the building area in question.  The responsible administrator shall address violations of this policy in accordance with the College’s Personnel Policy Statement for College Employees and the Student Rights and Responsibility Handbook and advise affected faculty, staff and students of their responsibility in this regard.  Complaints may be anonymous, but must include specific information such as location, description of the problem, and name of persons involved if known.