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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title: Architect Selection - Access Guidelines
SPG Number: SPG-2302/AB
Effective Date: 7/9/96
Approval Date: 7/9/96
Review Date(s):              
Revision Date(s): 
Sponsoring Unit/Department: AVC Administrative Services and Facilities
Regulation Title & No.: Architect Selection, RG-2302/A
Board Policy Title & No.: Architect Selection, BP-2302
Legal Reference: State Board R7-1-903; State Board SP7-702
Cross Reference:             


To ensure the College provides fair and equitable access to the architect selection process.


Architects are selected based on qualifications. The College advertises a Request for Proposals (RFP) to secure architectural services. In the RFP the College describes the project and includes a summary of the academic facility specifications, interested architects respond with a proposal. In their proposal they provide the qualifications of their staff and the consultants they have assembled to address the particular issues of the project.

Architects are interested in knowing as much about the project as possible to assemble the team with the best qualifications. Many architects request to meet with the administrator in charge of a project and key staff who will be involved with the project and key staff who will be involved with the project. 20 to 30 architects may be involved with each RFP.

It is in the best interest of the College for the architectural teams to have full information on the project so the best teams are presented. 20 to 30 separate meetings with prospective architects raise two issues: 1) these meetings represent a significant investment of administrative and staff time, and 2) the College can not ensure that all prospective architects receive the same information at separate meetings.

Meeting with Architects

Meetings between College administration, faculty and staff and architects will be formalized at a pre-proposal conference. All prospective architects will be required to attend the pre-proposal conference. The pre-proposal meeting will be chaired by the Director of Procurement Services. The Director of Facilities Planning will attend to answer questions from prospective architects. The administrator in charge of the project and key faculty and staff will attend to answer questions from prospective architects.

All other meetings between College administration, faculty and staff and architects immediately proceeding a selection process or during a selection process are not permitted. Administrators, faculty or staff who receive requests for meetings will forward the requestors to the Director of Procurement Services.

General Information

The architect selection process is governed by State Board Rule R7-1-903 C, Arizona Revised Statutes and State Department of Administration Rules and Regulations. This SPG does not describe the architect selection process.

Capital Project development and management is guided by several SPGs, including: SPG 2301/AC Capital Project Management and 2301/AE Capital Project Communications.