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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Architect Selection Committee
SPG Number: SPG-2302/AA
Effective Date: 5/3/95
Approval Date: 5/3/95
Review Date(s): 4/11/02
Revision Date(s): 4/11/02
Sponsoring Unit/Department: AVC Administrative Services and Facilities
Regulation Title & No.: Architect Selection, RG-2302/A
Board Policy Title & No.: Architect Selection, BP-2302
Legal Reference: State Board R7-1-902; State Board SP7-702
Cross Reference:

I.  Introduction

Pima Community College uses consulting architects to assist the College in the development of capital improvements. The State Board of Directors Standards and Procedures requires that architects and certain other consultants be selected based on ARS 41-2578 and the Arizona Department of Administration Rules and Regulations R2-7-510 through R2-7-514. This is a qualification based selection process. The qualifications of architects are reviewed by a selection committee. The committee ranks the architects based on their qualifications.

II.  Procedures

  1. Committee members are selected per Arizona Department of Administration Procurement Rules and Regulations R2-7-511.A (copy of the current rule is available in Administrative Services and Facilities). In addition to the requirements in R2-7-511.A, the committee shall, to the greatest extent possible, be multi-cultural and have both genders represented. The using unit or department can provide two or three names of prospective committee members (depending on R2-7-511.A) and alternates.
  2. To be eligible to serve on the selection committee, all prospective members must answer a questionnaire that will allow the Procurement Director to determine if there is a potential for conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest between any of the prospective committee members and any of the architects who have submitted proposals.
  3. In the event that a determination is made that there is a potential for conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest, that prospective committee member will be ineligible and another prospective committee member shall complete the questionnaire. This process will continue until the committee is filled with eligible members.
  4. The committee will then proceed to evaluate proposals per R2-7-513. Facilities Planning will provide evaluation forms and assist the committee in the evaluation process.