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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title:  Acquisition of Real Property
SPG Number:   SPG-2301/AA     
Effective Date:  8/19/94
Approval Date:  8/19/94
Review Date(s):  4/11/02, 3/15/07
Revision Date(s):  4/11/02, 3/15/07
Schedule for Review & Update:  Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:   
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  AVC Facilities
Regulation Title & No.: Assessment and Development of College Facilities, RG-2301/A
Board Policy Title & No.:  Assessment and Development of College Facilities, BP-2301
Legal Reference: 
Cross Reference:  


Requirements for real property (buildings & property) arise as a consequence of expanded enrollment or in response to changing program needs.

Options for filling these requirements include: renovation of existing College facilities, purchase of existing facilities, construction of new facilities, or entering into lease/lease purchase agreements for facilities.

Each of these options has advantages/disadvantages that must be evaluated to ensure that the College receives the optimum benefit.  Arriving at a decision to renovate, purchase, construct, lease or lease/purchase requires thorough analysis by the institution.



Once a need for additional space is identified, the operating unit requiring the space will define the need in the form of educational program criteria as outlined below and described in SPG-2301/AB, Long Form Facilities Specifications.  In general, the specification will include:

  1. An explanation of the need.
  2. Project objective.
  3. A description of the current and/or proposed program and how it relates to the College mission.
  4. General size and type of facility needed.
  5. Demographic profile and location desired.
  6. Relationship of project to College's educational master plan.
  7. Project time line.

Institutional Review and Approval

The requesting operating unit requiring additional program space is responsible for obtaining institutional approval of the project including an estimate of the funding, along with a priority assignment, before any action is taken by the Facilities Department to provide the space.  Additionally, the educational program criteria need a preliminary review by appropriate district office units; e.g., the Provost’s office, Information Technology; before going forward for approval.  The Vice Chancellor for Finance will be consulted by the requesting operating unit to ensure that the district office is aware of the need for additional space and that funding sources are available for the project.

The following approvals will be required depending on the requesting operating unit:

_________________ Campus President
_________________ Executive Vice Chancellor
_________________ Vice Chancellor for Finance
_________________ Chancellor


1.  A search to locate an appropriate facility that will respond to the need as defined by the Facilities Specifications will be initiated by the Facilities Department and the College real estate consultant (Is this still a service we have through a contract?) upon receipt of the Facilities Specifications, priority assignment, and institutional approvals.

2.  The College's real estate consultant will review the requirements with the requesting operating unit and appropriate Facilities staff, including but not limited to Plant Operations and Facilities Planning personnel.

3a.     Following a review of the facilities specifications, the consultant will:

  1. Initiate search for a facility; canvas community and solicit proposals from commercial real estate brokerage firms.
  2. Inspect facilities that are offered.
  3. Prepare "PCC Facility Evaluation and Inspection Forms" and a report outlining available facilities, general description, location, costs, etc.
  4. Present report to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities, with recommendations.
  5. Conduct tours of facilities with agent, operating unit representatives, and Facilities.
  6. Reach agreement with user regarding suitability.
  7. Provide final written report (comparative cost analysis) concerning all aspects of transaction.  The build-out and moving costs will be provided by the Facilities department.
  8. Negotiate transaction upon acceptance by the Board of Governors.
  9. Finalize agreement and review with legal counsel.
  10. Assist in the presentation to the Chancellor and Board of Governors.

b.       The Chancellor may:

1.  Select a site selection committee to evaluate the various properties using the "PCC Facility Evaluation and Inspection Forms."

2.  Delegate to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities all the following responsibilities:

  1. Tour the various facilities/properties with the site selection committee and the College's real estate consultant.
  2. Assist the site selection committee by answering any questions that develop as a result of the tour of the various properties/facilities.
  3. Discuss the recommendations of the site selection committee with the appropriate Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Finance and appropriate President to ensure that the property/facility selected meets all necessary criteria for development.
  4. Estimate cost of development for the property/facility based on the educational specifications.
  5. Coordinate with the Vice Chancellor for Finance, to develop the source of funds for the project.
  6. Perform or contract for the performance of all necessary site evaluations: environmental site evaluation, phase 1; archaeological site evaluation; and various other engineering site evaluations, to ensure the site meets the engineering requirements for development and does not pose an environmental risk or have extensive archaeological or environmental mitigation requirements.
  7. Notify the College's real estate consultant of the acceptability of the property/facility and assist with the finalization of the agreement with the property/facility owner/broker.
  8. Present the property/facility agreement for purchase/lease to the Chancellor and Board of Governors for their approval.

4.  Upon final execution of the lease, lease/purchase or purchase agreement, the Facilities Department will:

  1. Design, prepare cost estimates, and arrange for necessary build-out improvements.
  2. Assist the requesting operating unit in obtaining funding and Board approval to proceed with build-out.
  3. Prepare project calendar.
  4. Arrange for program move.


College property acquisition activities are conducted in a traceable and consistent manner that facilitates appropriate expansion and adjustment to College property needs.