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College Policies

Pima Community College's Board of Governors enacts, rescinds and modifies policies for the College. This authority is given by the Arizona State Legislature.

Policy Transition 2015-2016
PCC has begun transitioning to a two-tiered system of Board Policies and Administrative Procedures.  Revised Board Policies that use a new numbering system have been published on the website.  New Administrative Procedures will be published as they are developed, and the corresponding Regulations and Standard Practice Guides will be deleted.

Board Policies

PCC Board Policies (BP):

  • establish institutional goals
  • stipulate a stance or direction Pima College must take to pursue those goals

All Board of Governor actions involving Board Policies must occur at a public meeting.  Details on how the Board of Governors act on Board Policies are available in Board Policy 1.01.

Administrative Procedures 

PCC Administrative Procedures (AP)

  • provides specific guidance to College employees in implementing and enacting Board Policies in the day-to-day operations of the College. 

College Regulations

PCC College Regulations (RG):

  • state the purpose of the Board Policy
  • delineate scope and responsibility
  • define the general parameters for developing the related Standard Practice Guide
  • identify responsible parties

Standard Practice Guides

PCC Standard Practice Guides (SPG):

  • detail the process of implementing a regulation
  • give direction to those who conduct activities under the regulation

Related documents:

  • Board Report Format Guidelines
    Guidelines to staff on developing "Board Reports" -- items forwarded to the Board of Governors for action
  • PCC Identity Standards
    Information on appropriate use of the College brand and logo is available in the Marketing section of the Intranet

Contact the Assistant Vice Chancellor at 206-4650 for more information.