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College Regulations

Between January 2015 and June 2017 all College Regulations (RG) and Standard Practice Guides (SPG) will be reviewed by the responsible units.  They will be replaced by Administrative Procedures.

If you do not see a specific RG listed below that you are familiar with or that is referenced in another document, check to see if it is has been revised as a new Administrative Procedure.  Reviewing the Board Policy Crosswalk - Old to New Numbering can help you identify the new numbering category for the related Board Policy.  New Administrative Procedures will share the same base numbers.

RG-1501-A: Equal Opportunity, ADA, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment

RG-1502-A: College Standing Committees, Task Forces, and Faculty and Staff Governance Review Bodies

RG-1505-A: Sexual Violence

RG-2301-A: Assessment and Development of College Facilities

RG-2302-A: Architect Selection

RG-2303-A: Health and Safety

RG-2303-B: Environmental Management

RG-2402-A: Internal Audit

RG-2501-A: Operations and Maintenance

RG-2501-B: Key Control

RG-2503-A:  Use of College Facilities

RG-2701-A: Copyright

RG-2702-A: Copyright Ownership

RG-3105-B: Courses

RG-3105-C: Credentials Awarded

RG-3106-A: Curriculum Development Process

RG-3106-B: Curriculum Standards

RG-3109-A: Graduation with Honors

RG-3116-A: Educational Contract Training and Services

RG-3121-A: Minority Education

RG-3201-A:  Occupational Program External Advisory Committees

RG-3505-A: Student Organizations

RG-3506-A: Limited Enrollment, Selective Admissions Program

RG-3605-A: Public Access and Expression on College Property

RG-4004-A: Recognition at Board of Governors Meetings

RG-4201-A: Competitive Employment

RG-4201-B: Filling Authorized, Vacant Regular Positions

RG-5503-A: Building and Facilities Naming

RG-5602-A: Reporting of Full-Time Student Equivalents (FTSE)

RG-5603-A: Human Subjects Review

RG-5701-A: Communications Responsibility