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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title:  Filling Authorized, Vacant Regular Positions
Regulation Number:  RG-4201/B
Effective Date:  7/1/97
Approval Date:  8/5/97
Review Date(s):  10/20/09
Revision Date(s):
Schedule for Review and Update:   Annually
Unit Responsible for Review and Update:   Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Policy Title(s) & No(s).: Personnel Policy Statement for College Employees, BP-4201
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference: 

In accordance with the Personnel Policy Statement for College Employees, this regulation applies to filling authorized, vacant regular positions.  The intent of the College is to fill authorized vacant positions when it is deemed in its best interest and within the philosophy of the mission.  Vacancies may be filled through various employment methods or options, including but not limited to, voluntary transfers, internal promotional opportunities (acting assignments), direct appointments, interim appointments (temporary assignments), selection from recruitment processes for similar positions or through competitive processes.  In deciding which method or employment option to use, the College Administration will consider which is most likely to meet the mission objectives and the needs of the College.  The College Administration may choose any of the strategies, in any order, to fill the vacancy in accordance with policies and procedures.  In addition, a strategy for any particular process may be ended at any time.  Procedures used shall be in full compliance with Board policy and pertinent laws, regulations and codes guiding employment selection processes.