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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title:  Public Access and Expression on College Property
Regulation Number: RG-3605/A
Effective Date:  3/10/04
Approval Date: 3/9/04
Review Date(s):  12/18/09
Revision Date(s):  
Schedule for Review and Update:  Annually
Unit Responsible for Review and Update:  Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  VC Academic Affairs and Student Development
Board Policy Title & No.: Public Access and Expression on College Property, BP-3605

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Cross Reference:     


This Regulation delineates the process and conditions under which individuals and/or groups who wish to conduct public expression activities on College property may conduct those activities.

The right of peaceful dissent within the College community shall be preserved. The College, however, retains the right to ensure the safety of individuals, the continuity of the educational process, and the protection of persons and property.

Some activities involving public expression require the individual or group desiring to engage in the public expression to reserve use of College space in advance as delineated in SPG-3605/AA.