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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title:  Disabled Student Resources (DSR) Program
Regulation Number:
Effective Date: 7/1/98
Approval Date:  2/25/98
Review Date(s): 8/4/98
Revision Date(s): 8/4/98
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  EEO-Affirmative Action Office
Policy Title(s) & No(s): Disabled Student Resources, BP-3603
Legal Reference: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, Section 504.
Cross Reference: Resolution Directing Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance; Standards for ADA/504 Compliance, RG-1501/A.

I.      Purpose

This regulation sets forth the standards and framework upon which the DSR program will be built to demonstrate the College's commitment to assist students with disabilities who are enrolled at Pima Community College.  Through the delivery of support services and adaptive equipment and aids, the College will ensure that legal, moral and ethical obligations for student accommodations are met and/or surpassed.

Institutional commitment to students with disabilities is evidenced in the College Mission Statement, the Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Disabled Student Resources Board policies, compliance with ADA guidelines for access to facilities, instructional programs, services, student employment, complaint procedures, institutionalization of an ADA/504 regulation and standard practice guides, and the implementation of recommendations from the Office of Civil Rights (1995).

II.   Policy of Nondiscrimination

It is the policy of Pima County Community College District to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended, as well as other applicable federal and state laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability.  No qualified person will, by reason of disability, be denied access to, participation in, or the benefits of any program, activity, or service offered by the College.

The College will make every effort to (1) ensure that qualified individuals with a disability are provided a reasonable accommodation, and (2) promote respect for the dignity and equal treatment of individuals with disabilities.

III.      Responsible Parties

Pima County Community College District has instituted an ADA/504 compliance mechanism consisting of appointed and designated personnel who have direct service, coordination and/or monitoring responsibilities for activities and services related to ADA/504 compliance.  The DSR program will be integrated within this mechanism for district?wide compliance by providing direct services for students and training for College personnel. 

A.    The office of the Chancellor delegates through the Lead Campus 504 Student Coordinator to the Deans of Student Development at each campus, the responsibility for implementing a standardized and uniform delivery of Disabled Student Resources (DSR) services.  Each campus DSR unit, under the supervision of the respective Dean of Student Development, is responsible for providing direct services to students, responding to student disputes or complaints regarding content and delivery of DSR services, implementing activities described in the various sections of this regulation, coordinating intercampus services, and evaluating the effectiveness of services.

B.    The lead campus is the Pima County Community College District campus which services the majority of students with disabilities, has a significant representation of DSR personnel assigned to the campus, and has the DSR Services Coordinator located on the campus to provide aids, assistive devices, and support services for students with disabilities.

C.      Intercampus coordination of services is provided by the designated lead campus and the Lead Campus 504 Student Coordinator.  The lead campus ensures equity of services, support personnel, and equipment among the campuses.  To this end, the lead campus ensures adequate communication among DSR staff, staff development, effective management of caseloads, analysis of caseloads, tracking of resources, and adjudication of decisions in the student dispute process.  The lead campus will also maintain the central repository of records for the DSR program.  The Dean of Student Development for the campus is designated as the Lead Campus 504 Student Coordinator. 

D.    The office of Chancellor designated, through the office Senior Vice Chancellor to the College 504 Program Coordinator has the responsibility for ensuring quality and consistency of services within the District through the periodic analysis of caseloads and personnel distribution patterns provided by the Lead Campus 504 Student Coordinator through the campus Deans of Student Development.  The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational Services is the College 504 Program Coordinator.  The College 504 Program Coordinator and the Lead Campus 504 Student Coordinator will provide annual reports of activities and performance to the College ADA/504 Officer summarizing district?wide activities and efforts.

E.    The offices of the Chancellor and Senior Vice Chancellor delegate to the designated College ADA/504 Officer the overall responsibility for monitoring and reporting of the College's compliance efforts on Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.   This responsibility includes monitoring of DSR program activities, eligibility determinations, and dispute resolutions.

F.    DSR Specialists are responsible for determining student eligibility under the ADA and Section 504, for developing student service plans, and for monitoring the implementation of accommodations.

G.    The College ADA/504 Officer will provide technical assistance and professional development training for ADA/504 designated personnel and DSR personnel and will monitor the overall compliance efforts of the College.  The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational Services, designated as the College 504 Program Coordinator, will provide technical assistance and guidance to the Deans of Student Development, campus chief academic officers, DSR personnel, and instructional staff, and will monitor the quality and consistency of DSR services within the district.  Professional training and development will be offered to campus administrators, DCO administrators, department chairs through the ADA/504 Officer and/or ADA/504 Coordinators.  The Lead Campus 504 Student Coordinator, in tandem with DSR personnel, will provide periodic training sessions for department chairs, faculty members, lab aides and tutors.  Additionally, the campus DSR Specialists will provide awareness workshops for the students.

H.    The ADA/504 Executive Committee, chaired by the Senior Vice Chancellor and comprised of appointed and designated College ADA/504 personnel, will provide direction for the overall ADA and Section 504 compliance program for the College, including the delivery of services through the DSR program.  The campus president who is a member of the ADA/504 Executive Committee will be the liaison to the Chancellor's Cabinet to provide updates on issues discussed during ADA/504 Executive Committee meetings.

IV.      Student Requests for Accommodations through the DSR Program

A student may request or make known the need for an accommodation or adjustment at any time while attending the College.  The student will be asked to provide documentation to a DSR Specialist regarding the disability and limitations for participation in courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and/or use of facilities.  DSR Specialists will determine students' eligibility for services.

V.      Implementing Accommodations

Faculty members will be responsible for implementing any classroom or lab accommodation(s) or adjustment(s) approved by DSR Specialists.  The DSR Services Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring auxiliary aids and services, as outlined in the service plan, are provided in a timely and effective manner for students.  DSR Specialists will be responsible for determining eligibility, verifying, with input from faculty, that students are receiving the accommodation(s) and/or adjustment(s), as outlined in the plan, and for monitoring the implementation of student accommodations. 

VI.      Student Disputes Regarding Accommodations

A student may dispute the reasonableness or effectiveness of an accommodation and/or the timeliness in which an accommodation is implemented.  The issue will be presented to the Lead Campus 504 Student Coordinator.  The Lead Campus 504 Student Coordinator and the campus president will notify the student of their final decision.

VII.      Faculty Disputes Regarding Accommodations

A faculty member may dispute that the accommodation  (1) will pose a "direct threat" to the student or others, (2) that the accommodation is an "undue hardship" to the operations of the College, or (3) that the accommodation will fundamentally alter the nature of the course or program.  The campus chief academic officer will coordinate with the College ADA/504 Officer for interim action.  Final decisions for these disputes are made in the office of the Chancellor.  The determination of the Chancellor or designee will constitute a final decision on behalf of the College.

VIII. Standards for DSR Program Success

Resources are designated to assure continuity and delivery of appropriate levels of service for individual student needs.  Services are provided through trained DSR Specialists, DSR Services Coordinator, designated ADA/504 College personnel as well as the provision of adaptive devices and informational materials.  DSR facilities for serving students will be conveniently located on campuses and readily accessible to students with disabilities.

DSR program personnel will advocate responsibly the needs of students with disabilities to the campus community so that non?disabled individuals gain a general awareness and sensitivity to disabled students circumstances.  DSR program personnel will ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to all institutional programs and services.  The DSR program will provide services that work toward a positive academic, social and psychological environment that encourages the progress of individual disabled students in their integration within the general student body.

IX.      Reporting and Evaluation of DSR Program Services

The Deans of Student Development, in collaboration with the Lead Campus 504 Student Coordinator and the College 504 Program Coordinator, will evaluate the effective implementation of the standards for student success in the DSR Program.  The DSR Program evaluation will be tied to the annual report of performance and evaluation conducted through the College ADA/504 Compliance Program and monitored by the College ADA/504 Officer. 

X.      Privacy and Confidentiality

All information obtained in the process of determining whether a student is a qualified individual under Section 504, and in determining effective accommodations for a student, will be considered confidential and access will be limited to certain assigned or designated College employees on a need?to?know basis.  No information to identify a student with a disability will be made available or discussed with other College personnel without the permission of the student.

XI.      Program Resources

The activities and resources of the DSR program will be the responsibility of the Lead Campus 504 Student Coordinator with an accounting of expenditures forwarded to the ADA/504 Officer as requested or needed for reporting purposes.