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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title: Limited Enrollment, Selective Admissions Program
Regulation Number: RG-3506/A
Effective Date: 10/10/95
Approval Date: 10/10/95
Review Date(s): 5/6/00, 3/6/14
Revision Date(s):  5/6/00, 3/6/14
Schedule for Review & Update:  Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Office of the Provost
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Office of the Provost
Policy Title(s) & No(s): Limited Enrollment, BP-3506
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference:

Certain occupational educational programs must limit student enrollment to comply with rules, regulations, and prescribed procedures by state and/or national agencies for certification, registry, licensure, program accreditation, or limited College or community resources, local agency agreements, or industry employment standards.  This regulation ensures that all such programs establish criteria and a selection process that provide students an equitable opportunity for access and success.

The Office of the Chancellor delegates authority and responsibility to the Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor to approve all limited enrollment, selective admissions processes.

I.       Program Modifications

Modifications of a program from an open to a limited enrollment, selective admissions program, or vice versa, will be recommended by the program and appropriate administrative leadership and submitted, with a rationale, to the Provost for approval.

II.      Criteria for Developing Selective Admissions Standards

          A.   Each program area using selective admissions will develop and implement a process for selection which is appropriate for the program and which provides equitable access, fosters a diverse student body, and promotes student success.

                 The process will ensure that selection is not based solely on any single criteria.

          B.    Criteria may include:  prerequisite course(s), grade point average, a minimum score on one or more assessments, an interview, or other appropriate criteria. 

III.    Procedure for Developing Selective Admissions Standards

          A.   The faculty and appropriate administrator(s) for each program approved for selective admissions will develop a selective admissions process.

          B.    The appropriate administrator will forward the recommended selective admissions process to the Campus President, who will review and forward the recommendation to the Provost.

          C.    The Provost will review and make a final determination on the recommendation.

          D.   The approved selective admissions process for each program will be clearly stated in the College online program information.

IV.    Evaluation of the Selective Admissions Process

          A.   An evaluation of the effectiveness of the criteria and process for each selective admissions program will be included in Program Review.

          B.    The Provost will review the selective admissions data from the Program Review report and make recommendations as needed.