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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title: Record of Student Complaints
Regulation Number: RG-3502/D
Effective Date:  3/2/99
Approval Date:   3/2/99
Review Date(s):               
Revision Date(s): 
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  AVC Educational Services
Board Policy Title & No.: Official Student Records, BP-3502
Legal Reference:                 
Cross Reference:    


This regulation establishes responsibility for keeping logs of formal written student complaints and the subsequent responses to them.  This regulation is in accordance with NCA, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, policy requiring that institutions maintain a log of formal written complaints filed by students.


Deans of Instruction, Deans of Student Development, and Campus Presidents will keep a log of the formal written complaints from students.  Disabled Student Resources will also keep a log of formal written complaints received from DSR students; however, they will include within that log a listing of all students who make formal written complaints, regardless of whether or not they are DSR students.  The log will be sent monthly to the Office of Educational Services, which will be the central repository.

The public safety officers, the community relations specialist, and the EEO affirmative action officer will also keep a log of complaints made by students.  The EEO affirmative action officer will only provide the fact that a certain number of complaints were received and that any need to review those complaints can be addressed to the EEO affirmative action officer for the institution.

The Complaint Log

The log will contain the date of the complaint, an assigned complaint number, the nature of the complaint, steps to be taken to resolve the complaint, the final decision, referral to outside agency, and external action.