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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title: Educational Contract Training and Services
Regulation Number: 
Effective Date:  2/1/00
Approval Date:  2/1/00
Review Date(s):               
Revision Date(s):      
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  AVC Educational Services
Board Policy Title & No.: Educational Contract Training and Services, BP-3116
Legal Reference:                 
Cross Reference: 
Curriculum Alignment, Unification and Placement, SPG-3105/AA; Filing Authorized, Vacant Regular Positions, RG-4201/B; Filing Authorized, Vacant Regular Positions, SPG-4201/BA

I.  Purpose and Scope

This regulation sets standards for educational contract training consistent with statute and board policy by specifying and improving the College's delivery of contract education processes within the College and for the community.

II.      Responsible Parties

The Chancellor delegates responsibility for ensuring coordination and delivery of high quality contract education to the Senior Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Presidents, and Deans.

The Community Campus is responsible for brokering and/or facilitating the development and delivery of contracts, reciprocal agreements for instruction, support services, campus institutes, and after market training for the College.  The Community Campus will work closely with the District Central Office and other campuses in a team approach to ensure high quality programming and continuity for Pima's customers. Likewise, campuses shall coordinate with the Community Campus initial contacts from business and industry, government agencies, and community based organizations.

The Office of Educational Services will monitor to ensure program and course integrity and that curricular offerings are consistent with the College's standards.

The Office of Finance and Administrative Service will develop a plan to appropriately award contract revenue and associated fees for Community Campus services when applicable. Additionally, it will assist Community Campus and other College units in determining appropriate charges for contract educational services on a case by case basis.

The Office of Human Resources will develop "fast track" hiring processes to support contract training, services, and flexible compensation rates responsive to market demand.